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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Art Quilt for Road to California- done- sent

My Personal App
"Vivian's Journey "

Oh, wow what a challenge, where to begin?  I had to think about this, get it completed and sent by Jan. 5th. 
And so the process began. I usually don't work with a full size paper drawing, but this time that is where I started. Had to be 36 "x 36", and have rounded corners, the normal 3 layers, 4in. hanging sleeve, write a statement.  Thankfully, it did not have to work as a real app on my I pad.

I am not an artist that gets to work and runs for 8 hours with all falling into place immediately. With each step I have to think about the possibilities, then leave it on the design wall, so I can ruminate about where this is taking me.

Next I pulled some of my hand dyes and other fabrics. Making a mess of the studio as I went. However, "Organization" is one of my words for the New Year,, but I digress.

I took photos of the tennis shoes that I had hand Painted months ago. Jamie Fingal is putting her fabric on shoes, I just painted over white shoes because they looked dusty and I could not get them clean.
Living on a gravel road and ranch style area, you have dust.

Then the cutting, layering, placing, sewing, couching of yarns, quilting, applique, beading etc.
Did I miss anything?  Oh, yes, I tried a Kaffe Fasset fabric for the binding. It is amazing fabric but a little slippery, and had to use my brain to figure out how to connect every piece with the stripe on the diagonal. Yes, rounded corners mean cutting strips at a 45 degree angle.

I stamped words on the path, and added flowers and beading where I felt it would work.  What I wrote:

"Living near Yosemite National Park, I have a love for our rolling hills and wooded areas. We live on the Fresno River and can view the wild life first hand.. I am blessed with the path through Life being filled with so many positives.  There are the ups and down, depicted in the rolling hills. Remembering that the bright sunshine and blue skies out shine the difficult times, and I am graced with many flowers, ( friendship) blooming along the way."

I used many of my personal hand-dyes, and commercial fabrics, yarn, beading, and photography.

Now I am clearing my head, for my goals for next year, coming soon.. Why does it rush by so fast when there are so many wonderful things to create, so many things to learn, lovely people to meet, laughter, and love.. Next time I might tell you about Ralph and I saying our wedding vows again..
15 years married, 25 together. But that is another story.

If anyone is going to Road could you take some photos of the other App quilts for me? I don't think I am going to be able to go.    Happy New Year!

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  1. Vivian, this quilt is so YOU. I have to say you nailed it. I will try to get photos for you at the show.


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