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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thank you- emails!

Ever feel like these fish at feeding time?  But this is how I feel about my email entries at the moment.
I hate apologies, but in saying this...

If I miss a few days of emails,  and blogs they back up.  I really find them all interesting and important to read. 
Each gives me thoughts for the day, or ideas, and then the mind wanders off.

There were 2 very large fires recently in our mountains, thus with lots of emails about donations, homes to stay at, clothes to be given away to those that lost their homes, and general help in relocating.
And many  fund raisers.
Not to say anything about voting for local run off's, and the need to be educated in what local government is doing... VOTE.
Then Sierra Art Trails, and the preparation for that, the fun of the 3 day week-end, and the week after exhausted.
A house, yard and studio that has been neglected because of the heat, too much, now the rush to get things done before winter. Trimming the yard, dusting the house, etc.
I am sure we all have these sorts of things.. but my mind/ heart is in my studio.

And I have some things that really need to get done in the studio, not just need, but my fingers are itching to work on the projects that are stacked up. 

My apology, is if you sent me an email and have not heard from me.. I am slowly going though the 800+ if I have missed sending you something important, I am sorry. And hopefully I will get to it or contact me again.
After the quilt retreat I am going on next week.. 4 days with the YoYo ladies.
I know that internet is almost non existent there.. However this time I have my I Pad. I put cellular on it, but have no idea how to send any blogs on it. I hope to keep up with the current emails.

That is in between, laughter, food, ocean, shopping and more laughter. Oh, yes, knitting, quilting, writing, meditating, laughter, oohing and aahing over the ocean. Can one do that all in 4 days?
And then Halloween. 

Thank you hubby for all the help, love and support that you give me!

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