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Monday, November 3, 2014

Ice Dyeing in a Strainer

I decided to go through boxes that are labeled by color. My thinking was that I would donate some of the fabric to the Thrift Store. I had a nice bag already to go..  Then took a second look. Mistake, after all it is just fabric and I could dye the fabric and then deconstruction printing and if I mess up, no big deal. Not fabric I am in love with.  Till now.

I use strainers from the Dollar Store, they fit nicely on the buckets.

and leave it all over night. Of course, I did soak everything in Soda Ash first.

You can probably see the little orange flowers.

Oh!  got a photo of my foot also.. Two  buckets have the strainers, the third I just put in the bottom of the bucket and let it soak.

This fabric has blue dots. They show up one one side very strong, and on the back side just barely.

See the little sprigs of flowers in this one.. love the swirling orange color.

I folded this piece over.. Now, do I really want to print over these?
Into my stash again, but a different holding area.

Sorry, Thrift Store, maybe next time!


  1. Wow! What a difference a little dye made! The results are artful and exquisite. I believe quilters and fiber artists are some of the best recyclers in the universe.

  2. Nice! Every time I see ice dying, I think "maybe I'll start," and then shake my head. I have too much to do to start something new. However, I do love "dye-ing" vicariously!

  3. Very cool stuff on already colored fabric? Uhm, this makes me think of all sorts of odd and ends I've been keeping. Do you teach near Vancouver Island?

  4. I really should try this method and see for myself!

  5. Hi Carol & Maureen, I am in Central Calif. But could drive sometime to Vancouver Island, have never been there, sounds like fun. I give a trunk show,, From The Traditional to the Art Quilt. As you see on my blog, this type of dyeing is really very easy.. and I am not one to follow rules or directions very often. The results are fantastic,, also with a little black from Dharma, you really get some amazing designs. Don't forget you can do an old or new T-shirt this way.. so don't throw out anything because of spots, or drips from lunch or dinner. Just dye it! or make it into a "grocery" bag!


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