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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sierra Art Trails over for 2014

Judy Andes and I want to thank everyone for stopping in at the Coarsegold Historic Museum. For many it was a first time and we hope you stop in periodically to see the new exhibits.  We are delighted that so many of you choose to take home an art piece and share our love of the arts. 

Judy's pastels are amazing, she delights in painting the local areas. I am sure you connect with these beautiful green locations and views of running water.  We look forward to our landscapes turning green and the sounds of water in the river this winter.

The weather was very hot, but better than rain. Especially for the artists that were at locations where they set up under trees. Now, we are doing rain dances.

I also want to thank the Museum Docents that share their enthusiasm every year by keeping the museum open long hours all 3 days. Our guests enjoy seeing objects from the Old West and hearing about the history of Coarsegold.

 We had several couples enjoy the shade and breeze under the trees.  They had packed their lunches, drinks and even a table cloth.  Something that Judy and I had forgotten, a table cloth. On the list for next year. We also sat under the oak trees and relaxed with cool drinks. We want to thank our special "hubby's" for their patience and luncheon deliveries. Not to say anything about the heavy lifting and sign placement.

Most of the time we were inside chatting with visitors, sharing our art and how it is made.

I have additional art at Timberline Gallery, in Oakhurst and a special exhibit with Jacqueline Kurtt is in the Solo Room for the rest of  October. I will be attending to the Gallery on Oct. 15th.
Stop in and say hello.  We are on winter hours now, 10-4.

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