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Friday, October 24, 2014

Quarry Books, 1000 Quilt Inspirations

Exciting news, A new book coming out and I have some fiber art pieces in it.. I don't like to say which ones yet.  I just received a letter that the book comes out in  February 2015.

It is so much fun to be accepted in a book and many of my email /blog friends are in this one also.

One of the benefits of being a SAQA member is receiving notification of entry dates and wondering which piece goes with the theme.. Or even rushing to make something that might be considered.

Sometimes the author has strict guide lines. For me it means choosing or making something special, having it professionally photographed and following the exact wording of what they want on the entry.

However in saying all this, it also means that I could misinterpret what the author or juror is saying . I might think something fits and it doesn't.  I have learned to send in extra photos unless a specified amount is listed.

I sent in an entry the other day for a book, and I was really stretching my thoughts on the theme,, Now I am having second thoughts would something else I have fit the idea better.

Authors have a vision and the artist might have another idea of what is being said.. Does not mean the art is not good, it just is not fitting with the general theme of the book.

So I feel really blessed to be in many beautiful books, it is a thrill for me to be included with so many amazing artists.

Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry, with my little gourd necklace "Heart and Hand"
1000 Artisan Textiles "Shine to Land and Sky"
500 Traditional Quilts- "Variable Toile Stars"


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