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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Prayer Flag for a dear Friend.

The other day in the middle of getting ready for Sierra Art Trails, I received notice that my Dear  Friend Ruth is very ill and going to need treatment. 

A group of ladies are making Prayer Flags for her hospital stay and treatment.

I dropped what I was doing and thought about the life and friendship for awhile.   Then on to the Prayer Flag. Yes, we were given instructions and I know how to make Prayer Flags, after all, I have taught classes.  But...... I looked through photos I had taken at the retreat that Ruth and Odette had started me on in 1999.

That year they introduced me to Point Bonita Quilt Retreat near San Francisco.  It has been an amazing voyage, with fantastic ladies since then.  This is my first year not to go...But attended  every session since then.

I met Odette many years before that at a Leisure World Emeritus group. I was a new quilter. Ruth is Odette's best friend.  I thought I had a photo of the 3 of us with all our quilting goodies, including sleeping bags, sewing machines etc. but I don't. That was the year we flew up!

But I found a photo of the "roomies" at Point Bonita. Enlarged it, used my hand dyed fabric, paints, stencils and ironed it to wool felt, and of course, stitched it.. so that it would not wrinkle when it is hung on a string.  Also slipping straws around the string helps to keep them straight.

Usually I follow the directions but this time I couldn't. I will be sending this off to Judy to organize and deliver with the other Prayer Flags.

As we all wish when a dear friend is ill, all the blessings for a speedy recovery, love, hugs, blessings, love, more love and hugs, go with Prayer Flags.  Get well soon, Ruth. 

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  1. I am sure Ruth will love and appreciate the prayer flags. Seeing a reminder of good times and good friends will most likely do wonders.


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