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Friday, September 19, 2014

Postmarkd'art- 6 of Diamonds.

  In the past I have posted several of my postcards. This time I chose to paint, stencil, stamp and letter, for the 6 of Diamonds.

For several challenges Postmarkd'art members have participated in a Deck of Cards.The process  on these cards are a bit different from what I have done in the past.  There are many companies now specializing in stencils. Most are for paper, but you can use them on fabric also.

Writing from a photo is easier for me.  Others write from their inspiration and then add the photo. Guess that makes me a visual person. Onward.

First I drew out the stencil on plastic and cut the openings. That took some thought so the whole thing did not fall apart.

Then decided I really did need more paint on the cards to pop the "Diamond" out.
Here is how they all turned out..  with little more paint on the diamonds.

I know it would be a little hard to play a card game with these,  but they sure are fun to make and share.

For this # 20th. session all of my cards are complete.  Now, I just wait for the surprises in the mail.

Last session I was running a bit late, and just made it under the wire.We really stick to the due dates.

I have been a member since 2006. This is an  opportunity to meet wonderful ladies all around the world. To share in experiences with fiber art, to challenge each other, to watch us grow in sharing, not just the cards, but our lives, challenges, and our love of fiber and art.

Thank you all for being my friends, I thought about not continuing, as I have been doing this for many years, but have decided, you are a part of my family. You challenge me, and sometimes save me when I need artistic and product assistance.

So I am game for the next challenge. Besides I have to finish the deck of cards.
Looking forward to all the cards flowing in...

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  1. The background really does makes the diamonds pop out. Happy that you are safe and creating. All those wildfires around you have me concerned.


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