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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fire in Oakhurst - August 2014

I have not written on my blog for awhile, busy getting things completed and ready for Sierra Art Trails Oct. 3,4,5,  But more about that in another blog.

Fires are scary.  And when this fire broke out so near to downtown Oakhurst it was at the top of the list of scary.. I don't know any other word to use.
We live on the other side of Deadwood, below a 3,000 ft. pass to enter the city from the south on Highway 41.

This fire swept toward the north and they had to evacuate the whole town and those living around it.
The fire rushed through all the dry brush and brittle trees. This has been a very hot summer for this area of Calif. and the lack of water has affected everyone.

The word went out to evacuate, and 6 artists from Timberline Gallery rushed to the gallery and loaded all the art into their cars.  I think Jacqueline our weaver stopped a moment to hose down the out side where we had just put up the Art Quilt Mural on the north side of the building.

The firefighters were surprised to see her exiting the area.  But someone stayed behind to take this photo,  I don't know who it was, so that I could give them credit for the photo.

As the fire rushed past Timberline, about 2 city blocks above, the fire jumped highway 41, and leaped over houses and the valley, to the mountain across from it.
Several businesses, and homes were lost, but when you see what could have happened, the town is very lucky.
We were blessed to have marvelous fire fighters from many stations drive up and help with the fire fighting. If it were not for the planes and helicopters dropping fire retardant and water, we would not have the town of Oakhurst.

The artists returned on Wed. morning replaced all the art work and we were up and running by 11 AM.
Thank you to all the art angels at Timberline for saving the day.


  1. So good to read the rest of the story since I had followed the quick removal of the artwork and shared your concern for the huge barn quilt display you had put up on the building! Thank God for the amazing work the firefighters do.

  2. Bushfires are extremely scary. I'm so pleased that none of your treasures were damaged. Thank god for Fire-fighters

  3. Thanks for the photo and the update on the fire. I was so worried for several friends in the area. I am so glad that the gallery and its contents were saved as well as most of the town.


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