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Monday, August 4, 2014

Sun Prints- testing.

 It is that sunny time of year... so everyone is Sun Printing.
Easy to do, and fun.. I decided to see what would happen if I painted over my
hand dyed fabric.
Stopping by Joanne's, I purchased several colors Tulip Fabric Paint. I used Tulip Matt Soft Ebony and Tulip Soft Matte Chocolate for this project.

Pinned it to a covered with plastic, foam core board that I split in 1/2 from the Dollar Store.

I loosely mixed the black and brown so that both colors would show a bit on their own and left some areas heavier with paint. I did wet the fabric first, it is PDF fabric.  Pinned on the leaves so they lay flat, and put it in the sun.  It is best when the sun is straight over head, but I was not being that fussy. Wait for it to dry.  I vacuumed in the mean time.  Oh, and I put some feathers on there that I found when I went to feed the llamas today.  
Have no idea what I will do with it.. but it was fun playing.. and yes, 
I should have been doing something else in the studio that has a due date.. But you know how it is when an idea pops. You just have to do it now.

Sadly, fires are burning near Yosemite, and it is hot, supposed to be 104, and very smoky all over the area. Saying prayers for the firemen and the beauty of the mountains.    This is a stay inside day,  and I am going into the studio.. I have another idea, when I get my postcards done!

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  1. This is beautiful! I am sure you will find something lovely to do with it.

    Speaking of dyeing...I have been looking for some white cotton tee shirts that had V-necks that were of a decent quality. I was cautious about buying them sight unseen online since there are all sorts of levels of quality. I stopped by WalMart the other day for some gardening supplies, and boy, did I hit the jackpot! White V-neck tees for $3.00 a piece. I grabbed the eight that were my size. I will have the-dyed yoga shirts for years now.


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