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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Postmarkd'art- Sun prints, fun!

Sun Prints are great fun, not expensive to do with many of the types of paints.
The bird was done by painting on fabric with yellow fabric paint, setting a stencil on the fabric and putting it out in the sun..  Of course, pinned to plastic that is on foam core with tape and pins.
Let it all dry, I did iron the fabric and put Misty Fuse under it, but did not wash or rinse, because it is paint, although since it is fabric paint, it should not affect it. 

I cut out the bird and with ironed it onto my hand dyed fabric.

 Same procedure with each card.
 Just different hand dyes for the back ground.

  I have a baggie full of various types of fabric letters from stencils I have purchases,
and Sun Printed.
Never know when you need some lettering.

Here is the whole collection of cards..I did add some gold stars on them also.
 In the mail now for the exchange.
I do have a couple extra in case someone wants to buy one.. Contact me and I will email photos of which ones I have available.

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