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Friday, August 8, 2014

King of Diamonds- Postmarkd'art

A little about how I did achieved this postcard.  And I am sure many of you have a better way of doing it, but this was my thought process.

I took the crown and a drawing of the diamond from the net.
Printed it on Watercolor paper that already had a color wash, to achieve a light background color
and hand painted the crown with watercolor paints.

Then I printed the whole sheet of 4 on paper and fabric, also printed some on ExtravOrganza.

I needed 8 images for the postcards. I used Misty Fuse on the sheets, then cut out each section and ironed them on the quilted hand dyed and commercial fabrics. By the way the Misty Fuse does not show through the Organza. 

And here is the King of Diamonds.
As I said there probably is a easier way all with the computer, but this was my way of sorting it out.
Make it a wonderful day!!!


  1. You are light years ahead of me on this one. Thanks for the valuable information. Your cards look great!

  2. thank you Kay... I am experimenting now with my Ipad.. and too much fun, but also have some painted fabric on my table,, ideas for the next postcard, buzzing away!


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