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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall from Pride-Amazon purchased for my Kindle

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You have all heard about the Art Quilt Mural in Oakhurst on previous blogs.

Well, along those lines a book was suggested to me and I purchased it for my Kindle.
Author Karen Harper.

I enjoyed the light reading about the Amish, their traditions, their barns, and about the heroine, Sarah.
This is a novel.   It had just enough mystery and combined with the heart break of falling in love, between the heroin and the hero.. of course.

What I did not know until I read the Author's note and the last page is that it is a
Harlequin Book!  I have never read one in my whole life!
And I had always poo pooed them. But not now.

Of course, this is a series.. another draw, but thankful to my Kindle, books are not cluttering my already cluttered bookshelves, and less expensive.  There is also a web site with the receipe for the Moon Pies, that they keep mentioning in the book, sometimes called preaching pies.

The tie in of course at this time, is that the Barn Trails are growing.  Have you been on one?  I am sorry we did not know more about this on our trip to Florida last year, well, maybe we would still be on that trip traveling from one state to another in search of barns.....

As I said this is light easy reading, something I usually need to fall asleep, after a creative day.


  1. I have always loved reading about the Amish and can't see anything wrong with reading a Harlequin book if the Amish are in it. I am guessing that the characters actually had some ethics and values, which is very different from those in most pulp fiction.

  2. Vivian, see my blog about shipping your quilt with fewer creases-- www.marthaginn.blogspot.com.

  3. Vivian I have finally succumbed to technology and purchased a Kindle...So I will also be buying some of Karen Harper's books (I'm glad you enjoyed the one I suggested) even though I hadn't noticed that it was a Harlequin publication. I guess that means we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Or maybe it's publisher!

  4. Just finished the 3 books in this series, each one was fun, but a little predictable. Good for bedtime reading. I probably will try one of the other series at a later date.


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