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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sun Printing- experimenting

  We have lots of sun right now, and everyone on the net seems to be experimenting.
 I thought I would try different types of paint and see how it goes.

Some letters would be fun to try first. For this one I used Versatex Screen Printing Ink.  A foam core board from the Dollar store, and covered it with plastic. It was OK if there were some wrinkles just added to the variation.  Sprayed some water after I pinned the fabric in the corners, and pined the stencils down.  I found that if I pressed the stencils down a bit, it bonded and made a cleaner print.

I left it out to dry with a couple of stones in the corners to keep it from the slight wind that came up in the afternoon.
To tell the truth, I forgot it, but all was fine.

Pretty clear print, has an ok hand, in other words it is not that stiff. 
Tomorrow, will try another type of paint.
Hope you are having fun this week-end.  Off to a barbeque. 


  1. I had never thought of using letters although I have been on a binge lately with fabrics that have words or numbers printed on them. Might be interesting to mix some sun prints in with them.

  2. Very beautiful and clear prints.


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