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Friday, June 20, 2014

Barn Quilt Blocks and surprises!

Start of a new project, can you guess what it is going to be?
House paint, ruler, brushes, tape, plywood, with 3 coats of primer.
Sandpaper, pencil, and the list went on.

Drawing, with color.

I drew the lines with pencil, and started with the blue tape. I had to figure which lines would intersect, and hoping after the 5 layers of paint over the 3 layers of primer none of the paint would pull up with the tape after it dried and also that it did not bleed through.

I pressed the side where I was painting down to make a good connection, and for the most part it worked.

Then the painting began. Actually, the Kelly Moore paint went on beautifully, covering well, and drying fast.  I waited a day between coats, just to make sure.  This was set up in my garage, on an old door, perfect height with the saw horses.

Each color had to be done separately, because of the tape. The sides even have 5 coats over the primer.  In this photo it looks blue, but it is purple.
You can not tell that this board is 4'x 4'.  But it is, and heavy.

I will be writing more about this project, it is amazing and it will be hung on June 24, on the back outside wall of Timberline Gallery on Hwy 41 in Oakhurst, Ca.

What started out as a discussion of Barn Quilt Blocks has grown into a magnificent mural called the Art Quilt Blocks.  We hope that residents of the mountain area will love this salute to Yosemite National Park and our mountain area.

Ready to deliver to Timberline Gallery.

This is the preliminary work up done on a computer. Sort of our starting point.

Next blog I will explain how the construction was done and how Jacqueline our in house weaving artist/engineer figured this all out. With out her this would have been artists doing their thing with a nail and hammer.

Why I did a quilt block, because I am a fiber artist. We have every variety of artist in the Galleries in Gallery Row.  To imagine the size of this, look to see the height of the doors at the bottom of the building.

Ever checked out the Barn Quilt Blocks on Pinterest?   Check them out on my Pinterest Board at


  1. This is awesome, Vivian. I bet it exciting to be included in such a talented group of artists.

  2. Cool idea! You see them in different places now, just not barns. Look forward to more.


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