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Friday, June 27, 2014

Art Quilt Blocks- Mural Installed, Oakhurst Ca.

 After long months of planning the installation of the 4'x 4' plywood boards, it went up with out a hitch. 
Michael Muscato from Art Signs, handled each piece with care.  The area covered is 70 ft.x 2 stories.

I won't go into the details of the pre-construction on the building, but to say it was extensive and expensive. It was needed to hold the boards, and bolt them to the building.

Our Fiber artist Jacqueline Kurtt, did an amazing job of research, paint, wood, bolts, and contacting the experts we needed for the project.
Michael Costa took professional photos of the event, although these are my snapshots.

The artists from Timberline wanted to make a contribution to the celebration of 150 years of Yosemite National Park. And we also felt we needed to have a permanent colorful "Welcome to Oakhurst" for visitors driving down Hwy 41, from Yosemite National Park.

This all started with my idea of the Barn Blocks, ( see Lake County,Quilt Trail. Calif) and the tours across the U.S. visiting various cities that feature these amazing works of art.  Google  Vivian Helena Pinterest, (Art Barns).   We took this idea one or many steps further.

Each painted board has 3 coasts of primer, then 5 coats of exterior house paint. 

Of course, you can probably guess which one is mine, yes, the "Star within a Star."
 I chose this particular quilt block design, depicting the spectacular view of the stars from the mountain area.
We have deer, flowers, snow scenes, and a variety too many to mention. 19 blocks in total, 12 are painted, and 7 are photographic reproductions.

And yes, reproductions of these pieces are for sale or commission pieces upon discussion with the artist. In the next week we will have forms available, and can reproduce in various sizes.

We are hoping that those that enjoy this wall also donate toward our project, over $3,000. was loaned by an artist  to establish a foundation on the building for attaching this exhibit. 

Each artist paid the expenses for their wood, paint, photography and anything else needed to complete their piece. 

We expect this exhibit to be up for several years. Please come by and stop in at Timberline Gallery to let us know how you like it. We are a co-op, non profit Gallery) and each day there is a different artist attending to the gallery. Come meet us and enjoy Timberline Gallery.

Gallery Row has a wonderful variety of arts and gifts, most of it from Artists that live in the surrounding area. 

Enjoy your visit to Yosemite National Park and it's surrounding area.

Watch for our invitation to a reception in July, still in the planning stages.


  1. Vivian, this display is absolutely fantastic! You have taken the idea of barn quilt signs and made a whole show of them. Everyone loves to catch a glimpse of a quilt sign on a barn, but to see 18 all in one place is indeed a treat. Our guild has just begun a quilt trail project in South Mississippi on garage doors, houses, and outbuildings (for us city dwellers). Congratulations on calling attention to quilts in this unique way.

  2. This display looks so good. Amazing what artists can do when they put their heads together.

  3. Really wonderful, Vivian! Does the actual installation exceed your vision? Truly a thing of inspiration! Very nice. Very nice, indeed!

  4. Yes, it does exceed our vision. But it does not stop here.. We have other ideas.. As soon as the dust settles we will be having gift items available in the gallery. Originally we thought we could sell the blocks, but at $80+ dollars an hour for the truck, I don't think so. But there are other ways for art lovers to have them at their house, custom or exactly like a piece from the wall. This project is "growing". Thank you, please share it on your Facebook, greatly appreciated. Local papers have done beautiful spreads and we hope to have it in magazines also.. Would love your suggestions.


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