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Monday, May 26, 2014

Paint those Shoes!

Lots of my friends have colorful shoes.  I was looking at my dingy white tennis shoes, and thought, hummm, I could wash them to make them better, Oh, No, washing them did not work, they still looked terrible.  I don't know if they are plastic or leather. 

In looking through my paints, I guess I could use an acrylic paint, and came across a Stuart Gill set.
Yes, they are expensive paints, but how much paint do you use on shoes?
And I like the colors.. 
I dyed the shoe laces, and started to paint.  Hey, they don't have to match!

I think I should have used the blow dyer to heat them after painting to set the paint, but I sprayed clear Acrylic on them.  That should do it.  
I think many of my friends are going to be painting their shoes all colors..

By the way this trend was started at church, but they did not paint them, they bought them that way.
This is more fun.  Now, to redo the pink, purple and turquoise in my hair..Soon


  1. I tried painting my shoes once, but all the color came right off. Guess I should have done something more to try to set it.

  2. What a great idea - love them


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