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Friday, May 2, 2014

Blendoku- time wasted?

Ever heard of the game Blendoku?  I am not a numbers person, never have, never will be, so Sudoku is not my thing... but this, I can handle ,,, at least in the "Simple" stage.  Have't gone any further yet. But this is a fun App.  and it is Free, except for your time,  great during commercials on T.V.  I have it on my Kindle. Talk about an App that really keeps you going.. I set time limits. At least when I play at apps, I don't eat food. Is there some diet in this?

It has been a busy time around here.. Entries to Sierra Art Trails are due May 1... date has not changed, but it sort of sneaks up on me.. Catalogs have to be created and printed, so that is why the early entry date.Trails will be the Oct.3,4,5. There is a big project going on at Gallery Row.. will tell more about that later. Summer weeds are popping up, and generally stuff is happening.

This is like everyone else, busy.  Why is it when we retire we have more to do? What happened to sitting still and just enjoying?  That is scheduled in also!  Lots of dinners with friends, and new opportunities to learn something we might enjoy.   Have some other due dates coming up also.. Even said, no to an entry this year. Sent in my entry to SAQA for the Auction, you can see it on Pinterest..and one of my pieces is at Quady Winery in Madera for the wine trail this week-end.

   Have some more things to show,, but not at this moment.. Off to the studio!/ yard work before the heat! Enjoy your week-end..

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