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Thursday, April 3, 2014

SAQA- "Mystery Mountain"

Finished and in the mail.   I like to plan but sometimes ideas don't come fast enough, or I can't find the right fabric.  OR..... Like many things, best laid plans etc.
Not an excuse, just Life, a little reality.

So today while I am getting some teeth fixed, Ralph is off to Fed X.  At least he is not at the dentist.

I would rather be going to the post and not in the dentist chair, but we all need some "work" periodically. 
"Mystery Mountain" is made with hand dyes, and hand painted fabrics, along with the batiks, and free motion quilting. Hope you like it. Living near Yosemite makes mountain scenes special for us.

SAQA has a site on Pinterest, please stop in and see the wonderful 2014 pieces that will be going up for auction.  My piece is not up yet, because they have to photograph it.  Check the exhibits. We are always encouraging quilt lovers and quilt artists to join. There are many opportunities to expand ideas and creativity.

There are some amazing pieces on the site, and will be great fun when the auction starts.

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