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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gallery Flyers Cover, for my purse.

Oh, Yes, I should be working on another project. BUT.
I have been carrying these art and gallery flyers in my purse to hand out. I kept them in an envelope. Well, you know how that goes, every thing gets rumpled.

Put two pieces of fabric with some flannel in between.

Use the cards and the envelope  for the dimensions and add some extra room.
I have tons of double bias tape. What could be easier.
Quilt the two pieces together first, and sew the bias tape to both tops.

Then fold it, again using the flyers for size, add the Bias Tape to the end, and turn under the raw edges at the end.  I added Velcro to the center and later decided I really needed it on the ends also, so it would not curl in my purse.

Peanuts makes it nice and cheery.
Easy to find in my purse.
Do you have something in your purse, that could use a cover?

Next my check book.

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