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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Checkbook cover

 I had scraps of fabric laying on my work area.  My check book cover was looking pretty
ratty.  The flannel from the other project was handy.  As long as I was doing small items,
do it and get them done!

Not thinking to make a set.   Reason, when looking in my bag, I would be pulling both out when I only needed one. So now I can focus on which is which. Yes, I know it is a different size from the Gallery Flyer Cover.

Sure that you ladies know what I mean,  I focus on color when digging through my purse.

 I looked on the net to see if there was another way to make it, dimensions etc.

There were several free examples when I Googled a fabric check book cover... It fits a bit tight, so the next time I think I will just use the check book I use and follow that for my dimensions.
Another project that I have been putting off, done!
Wow, am on a roll.
What next?

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