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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 2, 2014, SNOW

April started out Cold and Blustery.  I had to work at Timberline Gallery that day, and I am not much on driving mountain roads with snow so my hubby drove..  Did not want you to think I was driving and taking photos at the same time. A little snow on the hills as we drove toward Oakhurst.

 A little more  beauty as we got higher in the mountains.  The air was crisp and fantastic.

The view from the top of Deadwood.  Our decent into Oakhurst was all clear.

The clouds came in later, and it turned cold again.  All the snow was gone in the morning.

No, snow or rain on the horizon and hot expected for the next several weeks.  Great for starting a garden, but as the "old timers in the mountains say, we could still have snow and cold rain, until Mothers Day."
We need the rain.

I love Spring, Fall, and Winter. Summer is a little hot.
What is your favorite Season?

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