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Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Sunset in the Mountains"

"Sunset in the Mountains".

I had a request from a friend for one of my Fabric postcards.
"Sunset in the Mountains" is made with my hand dyed fabrics, and I added blue netting with sparkles for the water.
Yarn and ribbon outlines the mountains. Machine quilting and ribbon on the edge for finishing.

The themes I have chosen for Postmark'dart this year are:
 Sheep, Image by Carving a Stamp, and the 3 & 7 of Clubs, we are doing the whole deck of cards. I already have a Deck of Hearts.

I just checked my binders, and I have  participated with Postmarkd'art since 2006.
It is not just the exchange of postcards, it is the friendships that also keep us together.
Many have gone through really tough times, and we share a bit of that, but our focus is on sending out wonderful, imaginative, beautifully constructed fabric postcards.

You can see the postcards on Postmarkd'art. We have also shared our studio photos, take a look at some of the studios where the art is made.

 Check us out!

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