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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I won a Book

 This is exciting, I won Acrylic Solutions by Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard.  Lisa offered this book on her blog, and I thought why not try for it... Wow, what a book, all sorts fantastic ideas.

I am not working in acrylics that often, but the ideas in this book are stimulating my "brush" in hand thoughts again of painting, but I can do this on cloth also.

There is so much more to acrylics than when I started to paint, eons ago. The variety is amazing, types of paints, colors, brushes, water spraying, use of stencils, pens, adding structure. 
Wow,  just looks at the intense colors. This is exciting!

Thank you so very much Lisa!  Click on her name and you will see what is next on her list!
You might win something also.


  1. Have the book. I like it too!

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to trying out the ideas in the book also. Hard to choose which one I want to do first.


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