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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hearts are for every day

I decided to try a new technique, and I needed something for the New Show at Timberline. 
It changes out today.

You can have Valentines every day.

Just think Love, of people, mankind, or women kind.

Anything your little heart desires.

Ok, you want to know how I made it?

I drew a heart approx. 12 in" on  white fabric, cut it in half,
Cut strips of reds and pinks etc. Varying the sizes.
Did a flip and sew of each side,  sewed them together, ironing, of course, as I go.
Cleaned up the edges, added Fusible to the back, pressed it on black felt, carefully, so as not to burn the wool felt. Zig, zaged the edges down.
Trimmed, added the buttons, and hanger.
This would make a nice gift for someone that is ill, or a thank you,
or what ever you wish to say.. Next time I might put some words on the 

Enjoy each day and celebrate.

1 comment:

  1. Very sweet. I have a bunch of heart fabrics that would go well with that project.


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