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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Color and Travel- Timberline

 Here in the mountains, it feels like Spring is in the air.. but we really need more rain.

Our special show of small art at Timberline is the focus on several walls. I love Chickens and Roosters. Look at the wonderful colors, and Poppies, a sure sign of Spring coming.  These are delightful small pieces that can cheer you up and you will enjoy the beauty around you.

 In contrast, on another wall, the feel of Africa.  Are you taking a trip or would like to this summer?
Can't afford it?  You can get into the mood with this collection of creations by our local artists.
I  feel like drumming and dancing..
How do you feel? 

No, blog readers, I don't have any art in these photos, but come to the gallery and you will find out who made these.

I  hear that the small figure by Julie Mitchell just sold.. But we have others.

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