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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bless-Prayer Flag

Sometimes you want to make something with lots of meaning for a special friend. And that was the way it was last week.  I felt that this friend really needed a big hug, and they don't live in the area. 

Thank goodness for "Prayer Flags". 

I made this after the technique shared by Jamie Fingal.  I used Misty Fuse, cutting out flowers and birds from various fabrics, ironing them on to my hand dyed fabric.  I stenciled and colored the lettering. Free motion quilting, added some buttons and a little tag I found at Joanne's, that says, " Made For You", and put a label on the back after mounting the whole piece on wool felt.

I have made other Prayer Flags, but not with the felt. My others I put on a string in the yard, but I feel the flags that are backed with felt, should probably stay in the house. 
 I am slow, it took me two days to complete it, looking for fabrics, deciding on what I would do, 
and getting distracted.

I hope she enjoys it and this lets her know that her friends know that she will be just fine.

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