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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Give" with Love

Excited to see if this blog goes through and is posted. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  I started with my hand dyes.Yes, I had an idea. To tell the truth I had several ideas, but one kept at me.
I am not always sure of my direction. It could change mid stream.

  I decided to quilt the back ground first using a plate for a template.

 I could use my walking foot as I went around, this gave me near perfect stitches.

Then the piece went on the design wall, and I drew the cup and Tea pot on freezer paper. I could  place them where I wanted, and see if the size was right, then decide on the fabrics to be used for each item. I used Misty fuse to iron on each flower and the other fabrics.

This is not the finished piece, but the start of the placement of the flowers.

The little teaspoon is a rubbing with oil paints over one of my mothers Dutch Tea spoons.
I still have the quilting to do. And since the doily is loose, maybe something under it so when someone peeks they will not be disappointed.


  1. You have totally outdone yourself on this one, Vivian. The colors are so lively and perfectly contrasted. Wow!!!

  2. Your idea has definitely worked. Your flowers add such a zing to the work!


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