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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Give", completed and shipped.


"Give" is completed and shipped.  As you can see a few more flowers were added and quilting completed. 

When attending a gathering of ladies the other day, someone asked how do my inspirations appear and how much of the artist is in their art.
I had to think about that for a moment.  Artists have their emotions in their art and that comes through with style, design, color and a multitude of ways.
 I am a pretty simple person, not complex, pretty easy to read. But on occasion am surprised by the finished piece. It took a direction different from where I started.

Looking at "Give" before it was shipped.  I was stunned on what it suddenly said to me..

Years ago when my mother was ill and in a convalescent home, I brought her a bouquet of flowers, thinking that she would enjoy them. I was shocked and hurt when she threw the flowers at me.
Her thinking was that she would be laying there watching the flowers crumble as she felt she was.
I am over this incident to some degree, other than to tell my family never to give me cut flowers. A plant, or anything else would do for any occasion.

Upon looking further at this piece, it brought out another incident. My parents were from Holland, and every afternoon, they had Tea or Coffee with a cookie. I did not like either beverage and had a soda.
"That is not sociable", even if I tried to hide it in a cup.

Recently, I have come to enjoy Green Tea, mostly with Chinese food, but still it is Tea.
Notice the inside of the cup is green.  The Spoon is from her collection and so is the doily.

So you see my thoughts, memories did come out in this piece, even if I did not know it when I was working on it.

By the way I did add a little something under the doily for those that must have a peek. 
Happy Valentines Day


  1. Quite lovely, Vivian. We artists do heal our memories with our art. I completed a similar piece years ago. Did not know what a quilt was representing to me until it was finished. Then came a flood of tears. It was a tribute to someone who had passed on.

  2. Thank you. Being an artist has many personal surprises.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts that are bound with this beautiful piece of art.

  4. What a lovely quilt! How very incited you are. Hugs.


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