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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years 2014 & Goals

The topic of "Goal Setting"is the topic of most of the blogs.
If I wrote down all I would like to do, am going to do, I would be dizzy.

Yes, I miss some entries that I would like to try. But sometimes I wonder if they don't tell the Themes early enough or am I missing the start dates. Not that I am not busy enough, oh, I am. 

So today I decided to just work on putting some pieces together of my hand dyes. In the style of Rayna Gilmans books on sewing strips. I love her attitude and yes, I do have a project in the making with these. Sorry it is a secret at the moment.I will show parts as it develops.

A dear friend made this rug for me and I have it next to my bed.  I have had a frame to make small rugs in my studio, in parts and never knew how to put it together.. It is together now and  thanks to Jacqueline our resident weaver at Timberline  We spent the better part of the day, tearing apart a sheets I bought at the Thrift Store.

Because I forgot to bring fabric with me, and this was supposed to use up fabric in my stash.
I will do that on the next rug.  Now, when I am not tired, I have my evening project while watching television.

You can see Janet on Utube telling about how she makes rugs, and they have a nicer loom ( for sale) then I am working on.. hers has 3 sizes,, but I really needed to work with this one I purchased 15 years ago with good intentions.

What are your New Years Projects?

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  1. I am dodging the New Years goals issue on my blog as well. I might be able to actually do some quilting if I don't take the time to stop and write down every UFO that is lurking in my studio.


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