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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Yes,  this is almost the end of "the Season".  Not winter, that is still with us.. but Football.
One of the first questions I asked when my future hubby and I started dating, was. Do you watch Football every week-end?  He said no, even though he had been a referee for Football and Wrestling. He just retired from the Wrestling, 51 years.

But this year I told him if he wanted to watch the games after Christmas that was fine with me.
I am going to rethink that statement. I did not know that they are on everyday and all day, and seems most nights.

And to my surprise they did away with half time on T.V. , so no escape from the men that talk constantly. I bet they shut up when they get home... " How was your day today, honey?" " grunt".

So I am going to tell the newscasters, please give a little reprieve to wives or hubby's that are immersed in Football, and Show Half Time!

The people that perform half time spent a long time with the routines, they marched up and down that field probably more than the foot ball players, and they carried and played musical instruments, spent monies on beautiful costumes and trained for hours.

Their families want to see them!  We want to see them. I am tired of a half circle of men constantly talking with a back drop of an empty field.

By the way this is not an ad for Wilson, just happened to be the football I had Ralph pick up at the store for the photo.

Yes, I know this is not about art or quilting, but needed to get this off of my plate.

Now, enjoy the Super Bowl !
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  1. Oh my goodness! I hear you, but I am equally smitten with quilting. I can't tell you the number of friends and family who will be so happy when I finish my current quilt. They have been really nice about my absence, but I know they are feeling abandoned.


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