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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas is over, and New Years is on It's way.

We had Christmas buffet lunch at the Casino, no fuss, no mess. But no left overs either.
There is another Turkey in the freezer and will pop that in the oven in February.

Our P.E.O. Christmas luncheon was delightful , and this was the interloper out side the window.

I ordered some threads that I have been lusting over from Superior Thread, and decided to join their Thread of the month Club.   This is like Christmas, I ordered Super Bobs donut of 35 Bottom Line Threads, and finally I have my bobbins organized in the extra empty one that I bought. Yes, I was still using the breakable little plastic boxes, with bobbins always flying all over and not being organized..  also received some King Tut, & Extra Glow in pastel purple.  Always need good needles and like theirs very much.  In addition I received the booklet " What Makes Us Superior" and The Thread Therapy Seminar on a CD.

I decided to mark the threads that I have in the booklet.  Of course, I have duplicates, because I bought some at PIQF, and forgot which ones and did not check.

So exciting when going to shows, that I totally forget what I have at home, but just have to buy something!

Happy New Year!
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Frosty the Snow man

Merry Merry Christmas,, Our cards will be in the mail for New Years.
 I hope.

We had such a marvelous travel year. I put some of it on my blog, but stopped around Mississippi, where we really had a special time with my relatives.. Which is a long story, and will be posted sometime later.

We don't put up a tree any more, and have given away our ornaments. I enjoy taking photos of  beautiful Christmas Trees.

We have memories of Christmases past with all the hustle and bustle.

Now, we enjoy the quiet, watching Hallmark on T.V. and will have the Rose Parade on for New Years, in an uncluttered house and yummy hot breakfast biscuits with lots of creamy frosting, a bit of hot coco, in front of the blazing wood stove.

We love hearing from the family and where they are running to and what  fun they are having fighting the freeways. They know they are always welcome here in the mountains where the trees whisper their songs.

We were thinking of going to the mall to take photos, but thought better of that.
Found some beautiful trees at friends home and public places.
Christmas parties and where ever...

 I have been into mischief in the studio. That is not to say my studio is uncluttered. It is in a total turmoil, and will show that later. Or maybe not. Yes, I am teasing a bit.
Just enjoying the season.
Hope you all received everything that you wish for, at the top of the list,

Friendship, Family, and Health, Lots of hugs, and Celebration of a New Year coming. Not in any special order.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow, more snow, and munchies.

I just had to show the Snow again, this is 4 days after the early morning snow fall Saturday.
This was such a gentle snow, that we just woke up to wonderland.

In this area of Calif, where we live, we are blessed most of the time to not have dangerous snows .
By that I mean, no wild winds, with trees and electric poles falling. But you do have to look out for the drivers that forget that there is ice.
The snow has stayed for many days, because we have had below freezing weather, and it has been very cold during the day, even in the sun.  It is beautiful!

Usually I stick with a theme for my blogs, but today I am going to show you just one dish from Macaroni Grill.. The YoYo's went there for our Christmas Luncheon..  4 individual dishes, and this was the last one.. all for $15.00  plus plus the usual.

We all left stuffed, and I brought home parts of the other dishes for my hubby.  Great place for a Christmas gathering.

Time to clear up some of the studio.  We had gathered some sticks at Bass Lake last year for various ideas.  My yarn box was handy, so I decided to try something new..  One is named the Flight Stick, the other Dream Bright.   Yarns, feathers, and beads.

I have a Stick at Timberline , and will bring one more when I curate the gallery on Dec. 18th. if you are in the area stop in and say hello.  The other will go in the PLC book store.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Snowing, well, it did!

Looking for a white Christmas? Come to the mountains.
This is our view from the house and we are not very high in the mountains.

See the sunny skies?  Soon the snow will be gone at our home.  But lots at the higher elevations.

Check with road conditions, and come prepared, even if it says sun, it is cold up here, and will get icy when you are in the shady areas.

Hubby is with Search and Rescue, be sure to come to the mountains with really warm boots, and coats. Mind the traffic and weather warnings.
He prefers to be warm by the fireplace, so think safety before you go running around in the fluffy snow.

It really feels like December, snow sparkling on the trees.

A few rusty garden arrangements.

No, those squirrels are not real,, just the kind to have.

We have fish in the metal tub behind this setting, and they are cold also. Had to crack the ice, at least 1 inch thick.
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Christmas is coming soon!

Tis the season, are you ready?
I made a few fabric coiled bowls and hand dyed scarves in cotton, and silk for the gallery.

Helped Caroline hang and change out the displays for the Christmas Season.
Come see all the new items, lovely ceramic pieces, new jewelry of all sorts, from casual to dressy.
Miniature paintings great for stocking stuffers.  Have to see them to appreciate all the wonders.
Remember shop local, and creative.

You could do all your shopping at Gallery Row in Oakhurst, and be done in a day, with unique gifts,
one of a kind.   Stop in at one of the local home town restaurants. Beautiful and sunny today.

Come up to the mountains.  I think I will pass on this job, but the star is up and by today
the rest is probably decorated!
Be sure to check our local papers to holiday announcements, don't like crowds or the pushing,
come to the mountains and enjoy the Christmas Season.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Animal Fun

For years we have been driving by this home. The owners work very hard to keep it up.
They must love animals, because their horse really wants to come into the house.  Especially when it is raining.. I get a giggle every time we drive by.  I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to take this photo.  It has always been the wrong time of the day because of shadows.. I finally got it.

Turkeys just up the road from us,  before Thanksgiving. Our California wild turkey is not worth the effort, so they feel pretty safe.. Heard IF you find a fat one, it is good eating!

One more was in the back, but these boys were not letting her out to look. Whoops, they might be girls!  Having a car full of beautiful dogs is one way to go.. No one is going to put an arm in there, or at least I wouldn't.

And yes, they have amazing low voices when they bark.

Hope you have a great time with a pet near and dear to you.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving- looking back

Our little corner of the world.. We decided to take a walk to the river.

Actually we can see it from the house.. Remember, you that live on the East Coast, this is a Calif. River.. They turn it off in the summer, and just turned the valve to let the water come through... Of course, we have not had any rain.

So everything is very dry.. but beautiful, the trees are golden, and it was fun to take photos of the changing  season.  First rule, no discussing of what needs to be done, not on this walk.  Not about trimming, or the burning of the piles of trimmings, just enjoy the walk, and breath the air.
Our cat loves to walk with us.

Baking time.. Hey, who dropped Sara Lee.
With a little whip cream, it tasted delicious. Yes, I did bake it!

We had our friend Jean over and had all the goodies that make a Thanksgiving Feast.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with people that you love, and hug.
Goal this day, to stay in the NOW.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Five of Hearts" and " Ruins"- Postcards

The last 2 cards finished for Postmarkd'art exchange for this session.
Each one was a bit different.  Our group of ladies has expanded to many countries including
Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
From Texas to Washington and Maine to California.

"Ruins" was a bit of a challenge and took some thought.. I took this photo at the Marin Highlands across from San Francisco. There are bunkers that protected the West Coast during War Times. You can walk in some areas and look around.  But some are shut off with grill work.  I love taking photos of rust.

I felt the words " Off Limits" has so many meanings today. Not just walking in areas you are not wanted, but in saying or doing, coming or going.

What does "Off Limits" mean to you?
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