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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter is coming to Bass Lake

I have been attending a class on Meditation and quieting our Monkey Brain. Calming all the chatter with-in. It was beautiful to listen to the breeze blowing the leaves and singing of the birds as they flew above us.. a lovely moment.

How often do we remember to notice the beauty around us?

For the last meeting we went to Bass Lake to enjoy meditating in the mountain beauty.

Winter is coming, here you can see how the water has receeded from some of the inlets.
We need the rains to fill up the lakes.  Some of the trees are turning a beautiful golden color.

On our property, it is a glow of yellows, bright greens, and oranges.

Stumps are left high and dry, with little yellow wild flowers tucked and blooming.

Boats pulled up on the banks and ready to stay high and dry for winter.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moon over the hills.

Traveling home from PIQF, the moon was amazing. I was not sure that my camera would work for this shot.. but my I phone did better than the camera. It is a bit fuzzy, and it was getting dark.

One of the benefits of living in the country is driving through the country side.
Enjoying the calm and the beauty.

 A bright contrast, my tomatoes are still ripening on the vine. Does any one have any tricks, because I know the frosts will be coming soon. We plant the small ones, because we can eat them right off the vines while working in the yard, but the main reason is so that they ripen before it gets too cold.

I don't know any way to speed them up in the growing process.

Nature will do as Nature does, patience.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pac. International Quilt Show

I wanted to make a quick run through of Pac. Int. Quilt Show.. Last year I stopped on my way to a retreat at Bishops Ranch, northern Ca.

This year I asked my hubby to drive me, and well, carry a back pack with my purse etc.
We left at 7:30 Am and arrived about 10:30, due to an accident on the freeway that slowed our arrival time.

We met my friend Jane from So. Calif. and chatted then we were off, planning to meet with her and friends for lunch at 11:30. PS. great buffet in the hotel,,  never knew.. don't tell that secret.

We met and  we found out while chatting, was that we know someone in common in Idaho.
Yeah, Jane and Janet!

Yes, everyone from our time in Orange county has spread out, mostly to more "country" looking areas. I forgot to take photos.. you have probably noticed I don't usually take photos of me or people.

Pacific International is well worth going to.  One of my goals was the Superior Thread exhibit.
And on the way, found some small thimbles, very hard to find. Where is the fabric?  I get overwhelmed with all the fabric, and unless I am working on a special project, fabric is not my direction, the quilts are... Hey, I know not good English.. just a joke!

As always the quilts are spectacular, impressive and this is a fun show  with quilts from many countries. When we got home I saw a tour video with Alex Anderson.She visits the  Superior Thread Company, focus was glow in the dark thread... I knew I should have bought some!  Now I can think of places to use it!  If you have not seen the video on how they make the bobbins...better find it on the net.. Very interesting!

Coming back to life.. too many ideas floating around in my head, and really need to be in the yard!
Make hay while the sun shines!
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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Garden moment

 A lovely lady named Glennis Dolce of Shibori Girl Studios gave me some Nigella Flower seeds in the Spring.  I planted them in a pot because if anything looks like a weed in our area it gets sprayed by my husband. Some areas are off limits, so a pot is safer.

I saw the flowers on one of Glennis's blogs and wrote to her, she kindly dropped them off at Timberline Gallery, when they were up in the Yosemite area. Sadly, it was not on a day we could meet. But we will one day.

I must say a few words about this lady I have never met. She is an amazing talented artist, she takes tour groups to Japan, she shares her ideas, techniques and teaches. You know she is gifted with fantastic artistry, and she is multi lingual.  I know I have missed so many of her talents, so check out her blog!
You will be overcome with the silk and the colors, and she has an Etsy Store.

I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, they flowed on to and over the area.  Delicious!

Our peach colored cat 2 is enjoying the shade on a hot day in summer.

And now it is Fall... Hope it stays warm, because I want more of those tomatoes to ripen!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coarsegold Historic Museum, before & after, What?

In going over some photos this morning and procrastinating about what I "should" be doing. I ran across the photos I took of the inside of the School House.

I took the photos so that I could get the museum paintings back in the right place and everything in the proper order after "Trails"

This is one small portion of the room. We took the museum paintings down and replaced them with Judy's fantastic pastel art. and  put up a table with my gourds, jewelry and fiber pieces, then hung a rack with some of my fiber art wall hangings.

 This is only one side of the room. You will need to stop by next year to see what we did with the rest of the room, and what will be showing in the future.

In the mean time waiting to hear if I am juried into the new show "Gathering" that is coming up at Stellar.  Never a dull moment.

Watch for opening announcements of another fun reception!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hand painted book marks

The other day I saw some delightful luggage tag blanks at the craft store.

I was in the mood to "play" with paints, gesso, and stamps.
 Loved the process and had great fun.
The yarn ties are from my llamas, Misty and Patches

These are at Timberline Gallery in the gift card section. Did you know there is a great gift card area towards the back of the gallery? Hand painted cards, prints etc.

Don't forget the holidays are coming soon.

It seems, I am still trying to get going after Sierra Art Trails. We had such fun.

I have not done much around the house while focused on new items. And sunsets like this are distracting me now.  But soon after getting the sweet pea and green pea seeds planted, I will get back to the studio.  Last year I did not plant in time and missed munching in the yard.

 Everything seems a bit overwhelming right now so much to do with winter on the way.
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Storage and Magazines.

Years ago,, well maybe the 1980's when I started quilting, I looked for a way to un-clutter magazines, there were no "Pinterests".
Ha!  Good luck, and then we moved to the mountains and when we drew up the plans for the house, an attached two car garage became my studio. What would I do with all this room!

You are probably noticing I am only showing you some shelving, and nothing else in the room.
I confess, I filled the room, there isn't a horizontal surface that does not have something on it.
But back to the shelving.. These are crates turned upright and bolted together and to the wall.

I started using white binders for classes, and magazine articles that I knew I would some day use, and also labeled some binders for Christmas patterns etc. Some I really should pass on because we don't decorate for Christmas any more..

We are not anti Christmas, but one year my husband got the flu, the kids/ grand kids had been up for Thanksgiving and shared their colds with us.. So we did not decorate since no one was going to be coming over. Cough. Sputter.
Can you imagine how nice and relaxed we were on New Years Day..Nothing to do, no guilt about  packing up "stuff".

Well, the next year, no colds, but it rained out side, we were going to put up lights buttttt.
another easy New Years Day.. and now are we lazy?

The grand kids are past their " teens" and in So. Cal. and are busy with their lives, and we are up here in the beautiful mountains.. If they decide to come up at that time of year... they can decorate! In the mean time, I can spend my time quilting and relaxing.

Sorry, got derailed, the binders.. When I need to find a technique or directions for a UFO, that was by a particular teacher, I just have to look up the binder with her name on it.  If I see a current article by that teacher, I add that to the binder.  I found this successful.. don't ask how many of these shelves I have..

My Title the "White Binder Lady"
You know I have more than one shelf!
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exploration, Life, friendship and art.

Thank you Daily Om

"Humans for the most part are not born consciously knowing what their purpose is and it must be found through exploration."

Sometimes exploration is not easy.  Well, most of the time it isn't.
But if we are to grow as a human, exploration is necessary.
Do we know we are "growing"?  We can see that as children, but then who is paying attention but our parents, or when they are buying our new clothes.

Now, that we are older, we grow again in different ways. Hopefully all for the best, and with understanding. 

Look in the mirror today, are you growing the way you want?
If not how can you change it for the better? I am not talking physically. But it is good to get a clear picture of ourselves.

Sierra Art Trails is over for another year. Many new friends and met lots of art lovers. Please keep in touch. Thank you!

I share thoughts, quilts, ideas, happenings, a little variety on this blog.

I love to receive notes under comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Open, Sierra Art Trails, Day One

Day one Fri. Judy and I had great fun greeting everyone that stopped in.

There is so much to see in all of Sierra Art Trail, look at your catalog, and follow the signs. We have a unique combination of art. Pastel art, gourds, scarves, jewelry, fiber art and much more.

We are doing demonstrations,  bring your lunch,we have  picnic benches under the beautiful oak trees.

Come be surprised at how we "decorated" the inside of the school house.

This is an opportunity to also view some of Coarsegold History.  Easy parking and walking.

We are on highway 41 near the light for Casino, watch for our Orange Sierra Art Trails signs.

See you today Saturday and we are also open on Sunday from  10-6.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sierra Art Trails, Staging areas

If you are an artist that lives too far out in the mountains and it is more difficult to get visitors to drive the distance, you have to find a place closer into town or on the Highway.

Judy Andes, Pastel Artist , and I will be at the Coarsegold Historical Museum on Highway 41,, just follow the signs, near the Casino.

So the work begins, what do I take with me, how will I hang it, hope I don't forget anything!
Nails, push pins, table cloths, pricing, tables, set up, demo items etc.

If I were at home I would have to add, things like dusting, washing windows, clearing the house, set  up an outside area also.
Is this easier?

So thankful to the museum for opening their doors for us, and a great opportunity for guests to see the museum, school house and blacksmith shop.. Never been here?

Come visit, docents will be available.

  Where did the year go?I am boxing up lots of scarves, silk and cotton, new jewelry, hand painted water color cards,
a few new gourds, gourd necklaces, hanging fiber art, now what else is there?

Oh, Yes, the Fiber Art Pieces. 
Come visit and say hello!

We love to chat and share how we create our art.

Judy will be demonstrating her Pastel techniques, and I will be demonstrating watercolor on cards, and English Paper Piecing..

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