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Monday, September 30, 2013

Gift Cards for Sierra Art Trails.

Here are a couple of the Original Art Blank Cards with envelopes  that will be available at Sierra Art Trails, along with hand dyed scarves, jewelry, gourds, and fiber art pieces.
The above is a photo of a tree, and I have drawn some branches and leaves with pen and water color.

I love playing with a variety of pens and drawing Zentangles, great way to relax in the evening.

 Next Fri. is the start of Sierra Art Trails, and so much to do. Also the YoYo's are giving a presentation for the Sierra Mountain Quilters Guild on Thurs. evening. Oct. 3,  Power Point and the art quilt challenges, 6 of us have made over the last 10 years.

Why do I have creative ideas, when there isn't any time to work in the studio? Oh, yes, packing up art and thinking about how to set up the Coarsegold Museum School House. Last week Judy and I, and our best men took a drive up and down Highway 41 looking at where the best places to put the Sierra Art Trails. These will direct you to our location, just below the Casino.
They will be in charge of that early on Friday morning. We are so thankful they are taking on this job.

Judy and I will be at the museum setting up on Thurs. morning so that we can be at guild in the evening.
We look forward to seeing you on Fri. morning, we open at 10:00.  Should be wonderful sunny weather. Judy will be demonstrating her beautiful Pastel landscapes. We will also have some refreshments and there are picnic benches if you want to bring your lunch and sit under the amazing oak trees.

My "Day of the Dead" will also be on display for you to look at close up.  

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sierra Art Trails will be Oct. 4,5, 6th.

I missed the dead line for the Madera  Ag. Arts Show... forgot I was supposed to send an entry in.  Ooops.. Well, now I have a piece for another show and don't have to rush, unless of course, I sell this.

" Luscious Grape" is mainly made of my hand dyes with some commercial fabrics. The grape leaves are photos  from my back yard plant, transferred on to fabric, then appliqued onto fabric and quilted..  The whole piece is then mounted on painted Gallery Wrap Canvas.

 I have to have a better system, post it notes just does not do it.
I asked some quilting friends about their book keeping system, inventory, and how they keep track of shows, galleries, entries etc.
They must have a better memory than I do.

Finished making some earrings, will have a great assortment, just a peek for right now.

Have more jewelry, hand dyed scarves, art quilts, and oh, so much more.

Judy Andes will be showing her marvelous Pastel Art, with me at the Coarsegold Historic Museum, we will be in the School house.. Loads of easy parking, and right off of Highway 41, just before the Casino..  Come say hi..October 4th, 5th, & 6th.

Great gifts for Christmas, yes, that time of year.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank you ! SMQA

Thurs. night at the SMQA meeting was great fun and I felt it was a success. Not because of my talk, but of the dear friends that came to hear me and see my Quilts.

For those that missed it, I gave a short talk with Power Point, thank you to Peggy,
a little about my journey from the Traditional Quilts to  Art Quilts.

These quilts are part of the Traditional Quilts I displayed.  I hand held the Art Quilts as I discussed techniques.

You have another opportunity to see Art Quilts, this time with the YoYo's. They are giving or rather we are giving the Oct. 3rd. presentation. And 90% are Art Quilts with various techniques.

We enjoy challenging ourselves with new products and sometimes wild ideas. We sometimes invite outside teachers that are from this area of California to show up to teach new ideas.

Come to this meeting and see some creative solutions, and wild hand dyed fabrics.
Any questions you know how to find me.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

YoYo's 10 year Celebration

YoYo's is the name of our Quilt Circle. There is a long story to the name, but I think I have written about that before, so will not go there again.
This is the fabric that was chosen on our outing to the Quilt store in Visalia.
I was not so sure what I would do, but if they saw something in it. OK.
I bought a yard of this fabric!  Why, the project is just  10"x10".

Rules, no rules, one rule, use the fabric, we chose, and make it 10 "x 10".
I chose a piece of my hand dyed fabric, layered it, quilted and drew lines on it. All I could think of was Tick, Tac, Toe, guess that might not be spelled right,
 but goes with my thinking at the moment.

And so this developed.

I dug through my drawers  and containers to find a variety of "Ten" ephemera. Using variegated thread I stitched over my pencil marks, A stencil for the center "10", with paint. Used Gelly Roll  pens with sparkle for the center diagonal lines, made some yoyo's, started stitching the buttons on,, that got a bit old for an evening and the next day used permanent glue.  The back is some of the challenge fabric. Then decided I needed to use more of the fabric and made a bowl. One less piece of left over fabric!
I should make more bowls, or woven rugs, if some one has a great pattern for an easy scrap rug, I would love to have that. Winter is coming, some day!
It is going to be 100 again, but a nice breeze.

Yoyo's have such fun with their challenges!
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Alabama

We continue our tour of the Memorial Park

We had spotted an Alligator floating around in the water, but he was quicker than my camera, and ducked under the water.  

Oh,, should I say that I remember this type of plane from my childhood.

You just can not imagine the size till you are near a plane like this.
See the little people at the front of the plane?

Vietnam Memorial
I wish this was the end of pain and suffering.

  A tribute to man's best friend, the trusty dog.

Tears again.  How beautiful. 
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Monday, September 2, 2013

DeFuniak Springs, Florida to Alabama

The rain was pouring down, so we decided to stop in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
This was one of those delightful Best Westerns that must have been something else before.
When we pulled off the highway we thought there had been an accident, because police were directing traffic. When we checked in they said it is that way every day in the summer, that it is 28 miles of a two lane road to the beach..
Maybe I should not gripe about California Freeways.

There are many things that all the Best Western Hotels have in common now, curved shower curtains, of course the variety of soaps and goodies, and great lamps that have the little plug at the bottom for all our charging of lap tops etc. Usually good refrig. microwave and flat screened T.V.'s.
This place had a very good dining room attached, guess because of all the rain.  Had wonderful pork chops with big salad, and baked potato. So we waddled back to our room.  This place even had an extra power cord.  Wow.
Our room had doors to an inside hall or the outside parking and pool. 

We woke to pouring rains again,,, and no one slowed down on these roads.

How lucky, a break in the weather. We could see the U.S.S. Alabama from the highway.  So with our trusty little I phone, got on the right roads and pulled in to see this magnificent ship.

Does this statement hit too close to home?

Again lots of history, and so much to see.

My father was in the Pacific during WWII.  Will touch on that later.

Still sunshine, could see the clouds off in the distance. Caught Ralph in a photo again.

I am sure you can find the history of this great ship on Google so I will not go into detail.

Because of my ankle I could not walk the stairs to the many decks, but we read about the history in the galley, and saw the  Officers quarters on top deck.

We did not go on this either, but there is a tour of the USS. Drum.

Now our nation is being pulled apart again with talk of "war" or maybe it is not called that, but in the long run it might be that.
It is all so distressing, and leaves us all nervous about the out come of so many lives.
We all have differing opinions.

We can only be grateful for each day the sun comes up and we are safe in our homes.

We send blessings to those that do not have safe shelter.
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