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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to the road, and memories of Space.

While Ralph is doing the driving, I took photos out the car window. "What is the expression, Water, Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"
Bet there are alligators down there.

These are just the tree tops.

The roads are clean, no trash, and oh, so green, of course, it rains every afternoon.
On our way back to Mississippi.  

Memories of the Kennedy Space Center float through our minds.

It has left a lasting impression.

Do these look a bit like my hand dyes?
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kennedy Space Center- Atlantis

We were so glad that they let us in to tour this area, even though it was not officially open at the time we visited. 

I am delighted that the photos came out so well.

We walked through, and my first thought was that, I wished we could take the grandkids here.
I wished everyone's child could see and feel the excitement that Space travel stimulates.

As we looked in wonder, I can not even imagine what magnificent brains put this all together, what their imaginations must be like to create all this.

We were watching a T.V.show on Science about the Universe some months later, with the voice of David Hawking. And that "awe" feeling came back to overwhelm me.

How blessed we are to have opportunities, to create and explore.

How we wish that each child could see this and be stimulated to appreciate the value of learning.

To understand how big this world and universe is and what opportunities there are for each of them, if only they could just have the chance, not given, but earned.

Again with hard work, and education, each person has the opportunity to grow to be a productive person.
Everyone can have a part of a dream. But first one has to dream, then apply.

I feel blessed that we had the opportunity to see this and marvel.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kennedy Space Center

We sadly left Delray Beach. I say that because we did not have the opportunity to explore more of the city. It is a city over flowing with restaurants, things to see, art, and the ocean.
What more could you ask for?

I had been emailing with friends while on the trip and Peggy emailed and said we have to stop at Kennedy Space Center.  Ok, we were tired, it was rainy, so we pulled into the Best Western Space Shuttle Inn.

Ralph has been doing all the driving and I am the navigator.  He is tired so we decided to spend a day or so in this area.  Oh. we are soooo glad..
Since I have the camera handy, and I want the grandchildren to see their grandfather, more than me..I put him in more photos.  Mostly when I take photos they don't include people, but in this case, you have to be able to enjoy the size of these rockets so you need comparison.

We were lucky the day started out warm, and cloud free, we were a bit late getting here. So we  bought the tickets just for the visitor Complex.  That alone is an all day + excursion.

It was busy, but it is large with sooooo much to see and learn. We went to the Imax Theaters, "Eye on the Universe" The Hubble Space Telescope and  "Space Station" all in 3 D.   I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed the information and how it is presented.  These were two features that totally overwhelmed me. With many displays beautifully presented.  So much to learn and think about.
Our world is so amazing.

There is a new display that opened June 29th.

Thankfully, they let people in to explore while they are working on it.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Delray Beach, Florida

We were sorry to leave the museum and this lovely area.

Love the colors of some of the homes, and the flowering trees are a feast for the eyes.

The docents recommended Deck 84, Casual waterfront dining, as their card says.
This was a great place to meet with my "boss"  Irwin, from my working days at Supreme Equipment. Yes, I had another life, other than being an artist. My territory was from L.A. to San Diego. Supreme made metal lateral and high density files. I had not seen Irwin in 25 years. Needless to say we all chatted and had a great time. Out the window the bridge would rise and lower as the  "ships" went by.

I guess some might call these "boats", the people floating by, live in a world totally unknown to me. I am always amazed by the variety of opportunity that our country offers to so many people.
Work hard and maybe just maybe you can float by in a "boat". That is if you want to. 

We had an idea to take photos of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and later the Pacific Ocean.
Follow along and enjoy.  If you have questions be sure to email me.

Sorry this one is blurred, but the light changed just as I took it, and I don't want to leave out these sparkling mosaics as you driving into and out of Delray Beach.. Saddened, we could not have stayed longer, but on the road again, going North. 
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Quilting Evolution at Cornell Museum of Arts and American Culture

Please forgive me if I don't name the wonderful artists and quilters that created these wonders and exhibited in the Show "A Quilting Evolution."

As the brochure mentions, "The exhibit includes a broad mix of 80- 100 traditional and art quilts."

An amazing variety and a feast of color .

There was a selection of Quilted Artist Books. This one is enclosed in a bee hive,

and inside a wonderful collection of miniature quilts joined to make a book.

I love the addition of the bronze statue.

"Works are hand or machine pieced and quilted, embroidered, thread painted, appliqued and embellished to illustrate the diversity of talent and techniques that exist in today's quilting world."

Please forward information regarding this exhibit to friends that are living in  or around, or visiting Delray Beach Florida.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kites, at the Cornell Museum of Art and Culture.

In looking back on my photo collection, I felt I really needed to show you more of the Kite Exhibit.

Even if you have never thought too much about Kites, you have to be amazed by this exhibit.

I am going to copy a bit from the brochure.  "This interactive exhibition showcases the history of kites from their origins in ancient China 3,000 years ago, to their scientific uses world wide, to their nostalgic and fun-loving uses in America as one of our popular pastimes."

Kites are loaned from the American Kitefliers Asso, Morikami Museam and Japanese Gardens.

Not shown here, there are also many photographs of Kites, by members of the Boynton Beach Camera Club.

I apologize for not being able to  give recognition to everyone. But if you are in Florida and have an opportunity to stop by this beautiful museum. Please do it.
It is an amazing collection.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Museum in Delray Beach Florida, Center for the Arts.

When we  started to plan our trip, it was just to visit  Ralph's family and go to my family reunion in Mississippi.  In the months of planning and trying to decide what and how,
I was invited to show my Quilted Kites at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts.

Gloria Adams, the Director, and I had  the opportunity to discuss all the details via email.
Pictured above,  ("Tropical Breeze"  and "Ties that Bind" )

(Above "Floral Kite",  and "Yellow Rose of Texas" )

Gloria is a delightful lady with a great deal of patience and creativity. She has had years of experience running  this museum.  And with most museums and art centers they are always in need of docents.

I had lots of questions, Florida is on the Atlantic, we are on the Pacific Ocean.
When we arrived unannounced because we had no idea of distance and location. We were greeted with open arms.

We had a fun time chatting with the docents and they had lots of questions on how I had made the 4 Quilted Kites.. These exhibits have been open since May 16th. and will close September 29, 2013.
So there is still plenty of time to stop in and enjoy.

I would like to mention also, that my pieces are for sale, with a % going to the museum.

When I was told my work would hang in the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture,  and be the transition from the " Flying High, the Story of Kites to "A Quilting Evolution" the quilts upstairs, I was overwhelmed and excited. But having the opportunity to meet and chat with the volunteers and visit in person was amazing.
I want to thank all that were a part of this beautiful and informative exhibition, you did an amazing presentation.  I am proud to be included.

They have a delightful room all decorated with kites. Here the kids can create their own special kites..  There are printed paper kites for the children to color and then take home.. Yes, they are little, but then so are the kids. The children had just finished the projects and were so well behaved on their march through the museum.

The Amazing Dragon hung in the center of the room that displayed many Japanese designs and told about the history of Kites.

This is the entry where you could look upstairs to the quilts..  Will show more of these on my next blog.
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