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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pinterest-" Sunflower Flair"

My donation to SAQA is on Pinterest ,  this is exciting.  Hope you all get a chance to look at the wonderful art that will be auctioned off this Fall on the net.. Will keep you posted.
The Sunflower is on hand dyed and commercial fabrics, most of the petals are my hand dyes also.  It has hand beading and it is machine quilted by me.
To total size is 12" X 12".   
I will let you know when I give a class later this summer. Depends on the weather and how hot it gets.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jacqueline Kurtt- Timberline Gallery

This pictorial weaving called "Ocean's Edge" by Jacqueline Kurtt, is hanging in the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst.  It is displayed in a special exhibition called "Rhythms". Jacqueline wove this textural effect on a loom that weaves two layers at a time and makes the surface into pleats that express the waves of water.

Jacqueline is working on a series of these water expressions. "Ocean Edge" is the second of  three that she has accomplished so far. The first one was a sunset reflecting on the water, inspired by a photo that the customer provided. Jacqueline is available for commission pieces also.

The third one is "Surfin' the Sunset", and will be hanging in Timberline Gallery soon.

While I sit Timberline Gallery, I gaze around at the amazing art created  in this mountain area.
I imagine many have passed Gallery Row, not knowing the beauty that is behind each door.  It is as if you stepped into another space in time.

All the galleries have an amazing collection of a variety of art, photography, watercolors, textiles, and glass, all wonderful pieces for gifts or to take home or to your office. I should never list the types of art, because now I will hear from my sculpture and jewelry friends that I did not include them. I really should say, you can find every type of art. And if you are a visitor looking for art depicting Yosemite National Park. Look behind one of the doors, and the beauty of Yosemite will shine through.

Watch for the new Public Sculpture that marks our area off of 41. Have your photo taken  here to send to friends or better yet put it on Facebook.

Thank you Mark Heliger for the photo of Jacqueline
"Ocean's Edge"

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Timberline Gallery-"Rhythms" Opens

Come see the Rhythms Exhibition.

Every few months the artists create new pieces with their idea of the theme.
This time I thought I would paint a 10" X 10" Gallery wrap with black paint.  I created 3 pieces with my hand dyed fabric, and commercial fabrics, added beading and buttons. Each piece is sewn to the canvas backing.
"Chili Pepper Sun Rise"

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mindful Beads, Gathering.

Over the week-end my friend Joyce had a gathering of women at our friend Maggi's home in the mountains.

Maggi has a delightful home with beautiful landscaping and interesting, 

whimsical additions in various locations.

Joyce led us in a meditation and then each of us told a little about what we want to feel and accomplish with our Meditation- Mindful Beaded Bracelets.

Then we dove into the variety of beads, there were several boxes. We were to choose what felt good to us, perhaps a feeling that the stones shared or a tactile impression we had when feeling a bead.
We then put them together into bracelets we could wear.

When we meditate we can feel the different beads, and keep focused on what our meditation means to us.

Our brain will always jump around, but with practice this is one way to have a little direction to our thoughts, or no thoughts.

Would you like to see what I made?

This reminds me each day, to be grateful, forgiving, and to live in Harmony with Life.
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Harvey the Rabbit

Mary Jane Brewster is an artist with an amazing amount of talent. She had two paintings at the recent YWA Showing at Timberline Gallery.
I really want to share with you this fantastic painting of Harvey, and the story that Mary Jane shared with me.
Why did I pick this one out of over 75 entries, because it made me smile. And I wanted to show how much detail work goes into the productions of our local Golden Chain Theater. If you are ever up this way, be sure to get tickets and it will take you back in time, probably before you were born.

Mary Jane Brewster was asked by Dr. Richard Hoffman, the director of the Golden Chain Theater’s  production of HARVEY, to paint two portraits for the play.

Harvey is a witty play by Mary Chase. It was one of the longest running plays on Broadway and also in the London. Later the play was made into a very popular movie starring Jimmy Stuart.

The story is about Elwood P. Dowd, a sweet gentle man who lives with his sister, her grown daughter and Elwood's best friend Harvey. The women want to impress the wealthy crowd and are embarrassed by Elwood's and his friend. The two women plot to have Elwood committed to an institution. You see, Harvey is a 6'2", well read and a very intelligent white Rabbit! No one can see Harvey except Elwood.
The Painting is the only way the audience gets to see Harvey. In the play, Elwood unwraps the painting from brown paper and swings it around with great delight and places it on the mantle, covering a portrait of his mother.

Jane painted both pictures and made the frame insert for his mother's painting.  Both were received with such joy and enthusiasm.  "The Harvey canvas was painted to resemble the paintings of the 50's and I put the brass tacks on the edges as would have been the case."
The portrait is of Jason Turner who starred as Elwood in the Golden chain production.
All of the actors, and the sets, and the costuming, and directing were excellent. There were no parking places left at the theater on Saturday night.

"There was an attempt by popular demand to hold it over for another week, but it could not be arranged. It was a great pleasure for me and I am glad that you enjoyed Harvey too."
Thank you Mary Jane.
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Purple Day- change of pace

A morning stroll through the garden, and "Purple" leaped out at me.
I walk our "garden" many times a day, but maybe I don't observe well?

Do you have clusters of special color in your garden?

All of a sudden I realized that so many wonderful flowers were blooming, and they all shared something in common.

A shade of purple.

I am not a purple lady, I am not overwhelmed with purples in my closet.

But suddenly it is all around me.

And oh, yes, Now I have a purple streak in my hair.

Going wild, NO, will not get a purple tattoo. 
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Yosemite Western Artists, Art Show

"Beneath Our Feet",   is the piece I entered into Yosemite Western Artist Art Show. The quilt is a photo I took in Orange County, and printed on fabric.  At first I thought I might add more fabric to it, but decided that it has a strong design motif, and did machine quilting to give the metal dimension.

 Some of the areas have leaves and  debris that add to the design element. I included various sizes of beads  for added texture.

The binding is fabric that I hand dyed.

Was just notified, I won a First Place Ribbon!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

YWA Show at Timberline Gallery

I dropped off an art piece for the YWA show and as soon as I find out if it is accepted, I can post it.

Gallery Row is a lovely gathering of just what the name says, Galleries, with a wide variety of local as well as other types of art.

The Reception for the Tri-County Show is Saturday 4-6, and if you have not seen the new
Kinetic Sculpture this would be a great time to see this new addition to Oakhurst.
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