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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sharing Hearts

It is not hard to share a Heart.

The other day when my hubby and I were in Fresno. We wanted to pick up some maps at AAA for a trip we are planning.  The lady was a great help, but more than that she was smiling, gave ideas, and thoughts about the trip we had in mind.
 She was full of suggestions and you could really tell she was enjoying giving her assistance.
We were leaving and I felt I wanted to return her warmth.
 So I told her what a big help she was and how much we appreciated all that she did for us.
The smile of appreciation that she gave us for just those few little words, stayed with us the rest of the day.

And after that I mulled the episode over in my mind, it kept coming up in my thoughts.
I thought about all the people that help us, in the stores, or just during our daily travels.
How easy it is to say a few kind words.

I decided to make some watercolor hearts for those that really go the step beyond and are wonderful, friendly and helpful.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share a "Heart". We were at the check out at our local Von's, a tough job at Easter time, with everyone running to get groceries, families, staying over etc.

We had a stack of groceries, the checker was friendly as they always are at our local store and she was sharing how she is going to work Easter, even though she has family coming. After processing our groceries, and I was walking away, I gave her a Heart.  She looked at it, and smiled, then called after us.

"You have made my Day.  Thank you"
She made both of our days. 

Happy Easter

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

SAQA Auction Entry 2013

Just shipped my SAQA Auction piece named, "Sunflower Flair"  to the collection, and staging area in New Mexico.
I think this organization has the most giving ladies.  I can not imagine collecting, categorizing, photographing and reshipping all these wonderful 12 X 12 art quilts.

Do check out the site for  SAQA , for the start of displaying 2013 auction pieces.  I am sure you will fall in love with all the wonderful donations.

Online Auction will start Monday Sept. 9th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time,,, You know I will be letting you know again when the time comes.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daffodils, Spring is on the way

The mountains are alive with the beauty of Daffodils. 

Can you imagine planting each bulb one at a time, the patience and time involved..I took photographs of just a small area, these are amazing fields with giant rocks and in beween the graceful Oaks little splurges of yellows.  Awe inspiring to see.  I have a few that pop up each year at our home, should have started years ago with just one more till I had fields of them. If you are a land owner, start next year to plant smiling daffodils and share the beauty for all to see.

 One of the best plants because  deer and gophers don't eat them. And they keep giving one year after the other.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Timberline Gallery - March 2013

At the beginning of March our art team rehung the whole gallery. This happens every two months,  please stop by to see the new pieces. The special theme is Spring. With everything blooming, now, is a perfect time to visit the mountains and visit with the artists.

The little piece I put in, is framed and under glass so I could not take a good photo.

 We have fantastic artists, in almost all the mediums, and we have some new glass and wood sculptures.

The quilted wallhanging above is called " Reflections" and take a moment to view the gourds.

Jacqueline Kurtt is our other fiber artist. Her weaving's are amazing. Check out the schedule on Timberline's web site for the sitting days of the artists.. You would have the opportunity to speak with them in person,, or give the gallery a call.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mill Creek Fiber Works

Oakhurst now has a Mill, for what you say??  Not flour, but for all our sheared animals.
Some of you know that we have 4 llamas.  A brown, a black and white,  and a mama and her son that are white and brown.. well at least they usually are white after a rain.


Our "YoYo" Circle, went on a tour, to be honest I did not listen to much of what Kate told us, because I was so fascinated with all the machinery, and the bags of fleece.  Mill Creek Fiber Works  are on Facebook, check them out.

This afternoon, I am taking the bags I have of llama hair and will see what she can do with them.
I also NOW have a name of a shearer... which I hope calls me back soon.

Aren't these amazing colors, the natural and the hand dyed. Kate does all the dyeing at her home, which I found out is near me..

Aren't these amazing.  I think I will have our fleece spun into a worsted weight, and my thoughts at this time, is to knit a shawl with all of the varieties of color,, maybe a large stripe.  Will have to look at some simple patterns..  Am really excited!!! Hope there is enough for a shawl!!!!
Kate can be reached at 559-692-7746 in Oakhurst or see her on Facebook.

Yesterday, Kate, said I will have enough yarn for a shawl. My "yarn" is scheduled for May.
We decided to do Sport Weight, she said this would be lighter to wear, this is a real learning experience.

So will do my update on this in May,, and keep your fingers crossed that the shearer works out, and I will have some more fleece to have spun into??????
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wedding Shower

I have to show some of the goodies at the wedding Shower,  it was wonderful seeing all the girls dressed up in their lovely colorful Spring dresses.

Jade is blessed to have a very creative friend, Samantha Petry, who made so many of the delicious treats. Sam graduated from O.CC. with a degree in Pastry.. I had never heard of this but if her wonderful treats were any example, that is the school to attend. Sam has her own business creating these exceptional cakes.

Just like in any art, this is a specialty.  The presentation was beautiful and it was almost a shame to eat these little beauties... But let me say, that did not stop me... and they were delicious.

There was, as always too much food , but these little delicacies went fast. 

Samantha and Jade ( pink ) hat.  You can see the happiness shining from both these delightful ladies.

Oh,, no I did not find any pink jeans.. 
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roses & Peony

Our Granddaughter Jade is getting married soon... And there will be a shower for her.
The theme is a Tea Party, the theme of the wedding is French Country... We are excited this is the first grandchild to get married.

Most of you know I am a jeans person 90% of the time.. But Grandma's have to dress up once in awhile. A friend and I will be going "dress" shopping next month.

But I did need a hat for the Shower.. So yesterday I decorated one of my "hats" with Roses, Peonies, leaves,  daisies... and a few butterflies.

Maybe I can find some pink jeans?
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soup and Salad

Whats for dinner?  Has been asked on many of the blogs. So I made soup and salad for dinner.
Amazing, it is a great way to lose weight.. and this case another container out of the freezer.

My husband does not care for broccoli, but he liked this soup of chicken broth, carrots, pasta broken up and a bit of puree' to make it a bit different from the chunky soup of the other night.
Ok, yes, it is healthy also... I think in some places it is called Stone Soup, or in my case " clean out the veggie bin".

But the really exciting part was stopping in at the Dollar Store and finding these wonderful colorful plates.  I already had the bowls from World Market eons ago.. When I saw these plates which are smaller than our usual dinner plates, ( another great idea for cutting back), I knew they would be the perfect spark for a gray day.

So many of the quilts are showing circles, sorry you can not see the circles with the food, but it is like uncovering a quilt block..

Do you use colorful dishes at this time of year?

Don't need a whole set, mix and match, enjoy!
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