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Monday, January 21, 2013

What is your color? Or your Colors?

Bet you can not tell what this is?  Some Procion dye that fell in to my sink.

Beautiful blend of so many colors, wish I could have captured that design on a scarf.

I was reading Om, again this morning, And it was about color.

"Often the colors we like are the colors we need most in our lives".

 They provide us with a subtle vibration that helps us through the day.

For instance, on a gray day out side, what colors draw  you into the studio?
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

P.E.O. Chapter GZ

Last week our P.E.O. Chapter GZ, celebrated a recognition day for members that have been a P.E.O  for over 25 years.  Our Pres. Diane honored all of us with Certificates of Recognition.  Six of us were in attendance. We have  10 ladies that have been members for over the 25 years, with a total of 395 years. Two of our members must have started before they were born,, just kidding, but one has 57 years, and another 58 years. 

If you are not familiar with P.E.O., it is an International Philanthropic Educational Organization dedicated to promoting the education of women. We have six philanthropies that include the ownership of Cottey College, and many scholarships are given away annually.  If you know of a young woman wanting to go to college. Be sure and contact the college in Nevada, Mo. for information or contact P.E.O in your state.

As a part of the celebration one of our members baked the Suela Pearson's Applesauce Cake.
There are a few differences, our member baked ours in an electric oven, not on a wood stove. With a wood stove, baking time was 1 hour.. Each of us received a pamphlet with the recipes that were the founding ladies favorites. 

Suela was just one of the seven founding ladies. Do you know when P.E.O. started?
Check it out on the net,  contact International P.E.O., or check with your State.

While we were eating our lunch and delicious cake, the weather took a turn.
By the time I got my camera out, the hail storm had lightened. We scattered, because many have a 3,000ft. hill to drive over to reach home.

My husband and I had to go the other direction to Fresno that same afternoon, and look at the weather here..
One never knows when living in the mountains what the weather will be like.

Hope you are toasty and warm where you are.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Mind Store in Oakhurst-

High up on the wall of the Mind Store, in Oakhurst are several of my quilts.

Starting at the left, Yellow Rose, Delicious Fig, Birds of Many Colors, Separate Paths. and Tropical Breeze.

I also dropped off Silk Scarves and Blessing Bowls...

Happy New Year

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Art?

Sunsets, remember to take a moment. Bless your day, be "greateful", did I really misspell this, Grateful.  There are so many things that are bigger than we are.

I never tire of the beauty of the sky, remember to look up and be amazed.

The other day , a dear friend of mine Anita Stoll had a challenging life changing moment.
She is proceeding now with wonderful health and an amazing out look on life.

She gifted me with a beautiful painting, and I gifted her with a gourd she has admired.

Her gift was wrapped in a bag from AAronbrothers, but it is part of the statement on the bag that has drawn my attention and I am taking the liberty of changing it a bit.

Art is my Life, my World, and my Passion.

What is your Passion?
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Monday, January 7, 2013

San Fransicso / Kaiser Hospital

View of San Francisco from our hotel room and a delicious dinner at Garibaldis. Next time, maybe will get to play tourist.

It would be lovely, if we were not coming to visit a Podiatrist Surgeon at Kaiser Hospital.

Long story short, about 25 years ago I broke my left ankle very badly, but was lucky and the surgeon did a wonderful job... that is also the time I met my husband Ralph while in Physical Therapy.
But that is another story from the past.

I have done fantastically with the ankle for all this time, not even giving it much thought, but recently I have been having sharp pains in it.. Knowing that I am being transferred to seeing a specialist surgeon, I figured that surgery would be the next "step".  But he gave some other suggestions to try first, and that I am a bit "young" to have this total ankle replacement surgery now... Ha! young for something! Total ankle is not like the recoup for the knee.. Guess I don't do things the easy way.

So at this time I am still hobbling around with a cane and  sometimes  crutches. Next week will probably see the local Kaiser Dr. again, get an ankle brace and probably a cortisone shot.. I will also need a knock out shot to get through this!

So if you have a moment, send some blessings for my ankle, that it loves the ankle brace enough to not give me any pain.

Off to the studio, working on a project that is due in Feb..

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ice dyeing of scarves

Isn't this just the greatest reds? Do they look like chrysanthemums? I am going a bit crazy with the Ice Dyeing, it is such fun.. Might even put a piece out for gifting, for comment sign ups, well, will blog about that soon. Keep checking in..And I will let you know when and what.

I will not list this beautiful lady's name, because I forgot to ask her permission, but she did say I could show her photo off with the Infinity Scarf  that I hand dyed. She bought it at the Positive Living Center's Mind Shop Book Store in Oakhurst.

It is such fun to create the colors and this scarf is just perfect with her copper color hair and lovely sweater.  I am delighted when something I have created is also loved by another person.

 A percentage of the proceeds from art and book sales goes to our land where the church will be built.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

J.A.Jance Mystery's, New Years

Happy New Year, eye catching start?

I am about Christmas storied out, and the news has been scary to say the least. I have a great deal of sympathy and empathy for people in difficult situations and my heart goes out to them.  But we all have to get a handle on our balance for life also. And right now T.V. is out.

I am reading all the recommendations for improving ones life and existence, to cleaning out the closets, to setting schedules, the " to do Lists",  weight and diets, positive attitude, and an array of other pieces of advise... But as I review these things that I read on my computer. My thoughts are that I might never make it to the kitchen to grab the last pieces of chocolate, or find the scale, because I have been sitting on my butt reading all that I "should" do, and haven't.

With all the rain, I decided that maybe I owed myself a time out, and looked through the stack of paper back books that have been growing on the very cluttered dusty shelf.. My son gave me a Kindle last year which first I must tell you, I love.. But at first I was a bit upset that he would spend his hard earned monies on "a computer device" for me.. Another electronic easy operating system to learn.

Still have not figured out Facebook very well, and that list could go on.  But to tell you the truth, I love my Kindle.  I exercise with it, catch quick emails, meditate, and read books, and I am sure I am missing how to do so many things like listen to music... but that is another story.

So in my "clean up, un-clutter" attitude, I read one book on the Kindle and take another book from my collection of paper back books that will go to the library when we are through with them.

Getting back to the photograph.  I have read many oh, so many of the J.A. Jance, Beaumont and Joanna Brady series, that I feel they are personal friends. Pulling another book from my stack I started with Web of Evil, opps, wrong order, but that is ok... I am now on track with Edge of Evil. I went J.A. Jance's site, and found there are so many more books in this series.. Yeah...  I love that the character Ali is a blogger, and I guess that is why this is probably my longest blog. I like looking at photographs on blogs, rather than reading too much. Ali's family  lives in Sedona, one of my favorite spots in the world.

I found out by going on the Jance web site that there are also the recipes for the Sugar Loaf Sweat Rolls, for those that bake. Also some other recipes that you read about in the books. I find these series easy reading and not gory. ( other than the title)

  Have I enticed you enough?  I am going to add the rest of her books to my I phone list, just in case I come across the next in the series.

Enjoy and relax on your New Years Day.. now I am off to the studio! Well maybe after one more chapter!
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