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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving- looking back

Our little corner of the world.. We decided to take a walk to the river.

Actually we can see it from the house.. Remember, you that live on the East Coast, this is a Calif. River.. They turn it off in the summer, and just turned the valve to let the water come through... Of course, we have not had any rain.

So everything is very dry.. but beautiful, the trees are golden, and it was fun to take photos of the changing  season.  First rule, no discussing of what needs to be done, not on this walk.  Not about trimming, or the burning of the piles of trimmings, just enjoy the walk, and breath the air.
Our cat loves to walk with us.

Baking time.. Hey, who dropped Sara Lee.
With a little whip cream, it tasted delicious. Yes, I did bake it!

We had our friend Jean over and had all the goodies that make a Thanksgiving Feast.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with people that you love, and hug.
Goal this day, to stay in the NOW.
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  1. I love your river. The valve was apparently turned off when I was visiting. The trees are glorious.


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