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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow, more snow, and munchies.

I just had to show the Snow again, this is 4 days after the early morning snow fall Saturday.
This was such a gentle snow, that we just woke up to wonderland.

In this area of Calif, where we live, we are blessed most of the time to not have dangerous snows .
By that I mean, no wild winds, with trees and electric poles falling. But you do have to look out for the drivers that forget that there is ice.
The snow has stayed for many days, because we have had below freezing weather, and it has been very cold during the day, even in the sun.  It is beautiful!

Usually I stick with a theme for my blogs, but today I am going to show you just one dish from Macaroni Grill.. The YoYo's went there for our Christmas Luncheon..  4 individual dishes, and this was the last one.. all for $15.00  plus plus the usual.

We all left stuffed, and I brought home parts of the other dishes for my hubby.  Great place for a Christmas gathering.

Time to clear up some of the studio.  We had gathered some sticks at Bass Lake last year for various ideas.  My yarn box was handy, so I decided to try something new..  One is named the Flight Stick, the other Dream Bright.   Yarns, feathers, and beads.

I have a Stick at Timberline , and will bring one more when I curate the gallery on Dec. 18th. if you are in the area stop in and say hello.  The other will go in the PLC book store.
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  1. Your snow pictures are awesome. I would have never guessed that the snow would last more than a day or so. Lucky you!


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