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Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Snowing, well, it did!

Looking for a white Christmas? Come to the mountains.
This is our view from the house and we are not very high in the mountains.

See the sunny skies?  Soon the snow will be gone at our home.  But lots at the higher elevations.

Check with road conditions, and come prepared, even if it says sun, it is cold up here, and will get icy when you are in the shady areas.

Hubby is with Search and Rescue, be sure to come to the mountains with really warm boots, and coats. Mind the traffic and weather warnings.
He prefers to be warm by the fireplace, so think safety before you go running around in the fluffy snow.

It really feels like December, snow sparkling on the trees.

A few rusty garden arrangements.

No, those squirrels are not real,, just the kind to have.

We have fish in the metal tub behind this setting, and they are cold also. Had to crack the ice, at least 1 inch thick.
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  1. That first picture is fabulous, Vivian. Looks like it should be on a Christmas card. Stay warm!


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