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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas is over, and New Years is on It's way.

We had Christmas buffet lunch at the Casino, no fuss, no mess. But no left overs either.
There is another Turkey in the freezer and will pop that in the oven in February.

Our P.E.O. Christmas luncheon was delightful , and this was the interloper out side the window.

I ordered some threads that I have been lusting over from Superior Thread, and decided to join their Thread of the month Club.   This is like Christmas, I ordered Super Bobs donut of 35 Bottom Line Threads, and finally I have my bobbins organized in the extra empty one that I bought. Yes, I was still using the breakable little plastic boxes, with bobbins always flying all over and not being organized..  also received some King Tut, & Extra Glow in pastel purple.  Always need good needles and like theirs very much.  In addition I received the booklet " What Makes Us Superior" and The Thread Therapy Seminar on a CD.

I decided to mark the threads that I have in the booklet.  Of course, I have duplicates, because I bought some at PIQF, and forgot which ones and did not check.

So exciting when going to shows, that I totally forget what I have at home, but just have to buy something!

Happy New Year!
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  1. I remember when I thought of a spool of thread as JUST a spool of thread. Quilting turns most of us into connoisseur of threads. Your box looks delightful and well worth the wait.


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