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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Animal Fun

For years we have been driving by this home. The owners work very hard to keep it up.
They must love animals, because their horse really wants to come into the house.  Especially when it is raining.. I get a giggle every time we drive by.  I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to take this photo.  It has always been the wrong time of the day because of shadows.. I finally got it.

Turkeys just up the road from us,  before Thanksgiving. Our California wild turkey is not worth the effort, so they feel pretty safe.. Heard IF you find a fat one, it is good eating!

One more was in the back, but these boys were not letting her out to look. Whoops, they might be girls!  Having a car full of beautiful dogs is one way to go.. No one is going to put an arm in there, or at least I wouldn't.

And yes, they have amazing low voices when they bark.

Hope you have a great time with a pet near and dear to you.
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  1. How sweet. Brings back memories of a very gentle mare I once owned. She walked right into the club house at the stables one day. Stayed perfectly calm, then eventually turned around and left.

  2. Loved your animal photos! Especially the previous post with your cat enjoying walking to the river with you. I lost my precious big cat today after a brief illness, so it is comforting to see other pets being appreciated.
    Martha Ginn


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