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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yoyo's Annual Retreat-

Cayucos Cookie Factory, while we wait for our key to the beach house, we just had to stop at the cookie factory.  Samples oh, yes!

Our rental is the perfect location and great views of the ocean.
Of course, we are almost on the sand.

Janet could not come, but she sent us each a fabric fortune cookie, oh, so good.
Thank you Janet!

In October in Cambria, they celebrate the whole month with Halloween figures.
I think every store has some wonderful funny, amazing display.
A few were still up when we visited.  

A Flower girl.

Hey, Cathy, who is your friend?

We visited the yarn store, where the owner and her husband are delightful.
These are his shoes! Forget the shoes, love the socks!

Welcome to Moonstone Beach at the end of Cambria

Girls at play, Gelli  base and acrylic paint. 

Colorful, but what will you do with it?

Now pat in that fabric, pick up all the paint.
Can't wait to see what happens next.

The time goes all too fast.. 

Just wait for next year, more fun!
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  1. Looks like an excellent adventure. I don't think you gals wanted for anything. :-).


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