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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Church on the Hill- Oakhurst, Veterans Day

The Marines and families of the Griswold Mountain Detachment # 1121,
raise the flags at the Little Church on the Hill.

The large flags line the entry to the Oakhurst Cemetery in a stately fashion.

Boy Scout troops place smaller flags at the grave sites.

Last year it rained and the flags were not brought out.

There is one pole that has 2 flags on it.

These flags are for my father, Col. Max van Haselen. I donated the flags that were on his coffin.
My father was in the First WW. in Holland and flew in the II World War in the Pacific.

Not many people know that when the Dutch Pilots had to leave Indonesia they came to the U.S. to finish training their student flyers in Jackson Mississippi.  After training they flew to  Australia , to defend that area.
This summer Ralph and I visited the air field in Mississippi, and the cemetery where many of the Dutch are laid to rest.  I will continue that trip on this blog as soon as I catch up with other commitments.

Each flag is taken down at the end of the day. They are then individually rolled and wrapped in blue bags, sealed, and then placed all together till the next time they are raised.
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  1. Your pictures are awesome. I knew that the Dutch were in Indonesia during WWII but didn't know that they were sent to the US for training.


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