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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beach Retreat with YoYo's - Meals !

If you read many of the quilters blogs or look on Facebook, many times they photograph
what they are eating.  Why?  Because is it colorful, delicious, imaginative and oh, so much fun.

 Jamie Fingal and quilt group have created a series of quilts on the theme
"Whats for Dinner?"  Here is the YoYo's retreat answer to that.

On our retreats we explore some during the day, eat out our "big" main meal at lunch time.
And then sometimes snack in the evenings. I said sometimes, if you call, amazing Lasagna, or
a fantastic bean soup, snacking.
I digress. 

So I thought I would show you what the gals were eating while  out on the town during our retreat.
I will not give the names of the restaurants, because each day it was a "find" of deliciousness.

I will say these Dishes were served in several locations, from  Morro Bay, to
Cambria, California

We drive down from Yosemite area, to the ocean on Highway 41.
Needless to say, coming from the mountains, Fish and Chips are high on the list for the first meal out.

More Fish.

"What do you mean there is not a fish Caesar Salad on the menu! Can't you just throw some shrimp on instead of chicken?"... Ah, yes, warmed and sauteed to perfection.
I am in heaven..  Why doesn't it taste like that at home!
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