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Monday, November 25, 2013

Postmarkd'art- Queen of Hearts

I was really stumped  when I was to make the Queen of Hearts Card.
While looking through my fabrics I came across my Day of the Dead collection.

Each card is different.  I love the sparkly thread from Superior, going a bit crazy with it.
I added glitzy tiny beads to the "Q",, hope they stay on during the flight by the Post Office.
I do put a card with anything dimensional in a clear cover sleeve.  Next will be the number 5 card.. off to work in the studio.
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Postmarkd'art- Teapots

Must get busy finishing my postcards and mail them.
Last round I think I was first, this round, I hope I am not last.

I drew out a teapot shape, top, handle, and the spout. Found some fabric that had iron on backing and shuffled all the parts.  I had to add Wonder Under for some of the pieces.

Searched through my stash for hand dyed fabric and commercial fabric for the backing, added some beads.
And finished up.. .Now to make the next, the Queen of Hearts!
My mind is racing,, what will I do?
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beach Retreat with YoYo's - Meals !

If you read many of the quilters blogs or look on Facebook, many times they photograph
what they are eating.  Why?  Because is it colorful, delicious, imaginative and oh, so much fun.

 Jamie Fingal and quilt group have created a series of quilts on the theme
"Whats for Dinner?"  Here is the YoYo's retreat answer to that.

On our retreats we explore some during the day, eat out our "big" main meal at lunch time.
And then sometimes snack in the evenings. I said sometimes, if you call, amazing Lasagna, or
a fantastic bean soup, snacking.
I digress. 

So I thought I would show you what the gals were eating while  out on the town during our retreat.
I will not give the names of the restaurants, because each day it was a "find" of deliciousness.

I will say these Dishes were served in several locations, from  Morro Bay, to
Cambria, California

We drive down from Yosemite area, to the ocean on Highway 41.
Needless to say, coming from the mountains, Fish and Chips are high on the list for the first meal out.

More Fish.

"What do you mean there is not a fish Caesar Salad on the menu! Can't you just throw some shrimp on instead of chicken?"... Ah, yes, warmed and sauteed to perfection.
I am in heaven..  Why doesn't it taste like that at home!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yoyo's Annual Retreat-

Cayucos Cookie Factory, while we wait for our key to the beach house, we just had to stop at the cookie factory.  Samples oh, yes!

Our rental is the perfect location and great views of the ocean.
Of course, we are almost on the sand.

Janet could not come, but she sent us each a fabric fortune cookie, oh, so good.
Thank you Janet!

In October in Cambria, they celebrate the whole month with Halloween figures.
I think every store has some wonderful funny, amazing display.
A few were still up when we visited.  

A Flower girl.

Hey, Cathy, who is your friend?

We visited the yarn store, where the owner and her husband are delightful.
These are his shoes! Forget the shoes, love the socks!

Welcome to Moonstone Beach at the end of Cambria

Girls at play, Gelli  base and acrylic paint. 

Colorful, but what will you do with it?

Now pat in that fabric, pick up all the paint.
Can't wait to see what happens next.

The time goes all too fast.. 

Just wait for next year, more fun!
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Church on the Hill- Oakhurst, Veterans Day

The Marines and families of the Griswold Mountain Detachment # 1121,
raise the flags at the Little Church on the Hill.

The large flags line the entry to the Oakhurst Cemetery in a stately fashion.

Boy Scout troops place smaller flags at the grave sites.

Last year it rained and the flags were not brought out.

There is one pole that has 2 flags on it.

These flags are for my father, Col. Max van Haselen. I donated the flags that were on his coffin.
My father was in the First WW. in Holland and flew in the II World War in the Pacific.

Not many people know that when the Dutch Pilots had to leave Indonesia they came to the U.S. to finish training their student flyers in Jackson Mississippi.  After training they flew to  Australia , to defend that area.
This summer Ralph and I visited the air field in Mississippi, and the cemetery where many of the Dutch are laid to rest.  I will continue that trip on this blog as soon as I catch up with other commitments.

Each flag is taken down at the end of the day. They are then individually rolled and wrapped in blue bags, sealed, and then placed all together till the next time they are raised.
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gathering- Sierra Art Trails Exhibit.

Forty artist are juried into the "Gathering" exhibit.
I emailed Jon to get the correct information on who is sponsoring the event.

"It is a Sierra Art Trails Special Exhibit.  It is sponsored by our major sponsors,  Valley PBS, KJewel Radio, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, and Sierra Telephone."
Thank you to our sponsors. 

Gala Reception:  Sat. November 16, 4-8, Delicious munchies, Beautiful art,
Great conversation. Visit with friends and make new friends at the "Gathering".

My piece "Friendship Hands" gourd will also be in this exhibit.

Each hand outline is from a different friend and might be someone you know from the mountains.

"Gathering" friendships is a gift to each of us. It comes with gratitude, love, consideration, kindness, and I could go on, you fill in the blanks of what Friendship means to you..

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