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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter is coming to Bass Lake

I have been attending a class on Meditation and quieting our Monkey Brain. Calming all the chatter with-in. It was beautiful to listen to the breeze blowing the leaves and singing of the birds as they flew above us.. a lovely moment.

How often do we remember to notice the beauty around us?

For the last meeting we went to Bass Lake to enjoy meditating in the mountain beauty.

Winter is coming, here you can see how the water has receeded from some of the inlets.
We need the rains to fill up the lakes.  Some of the trees are turning a beautiful golden color.

On our property, it is a glow of yellows, bright greens, and oranges.

Stumps are left high and dry, with little yellow wild flowers tucked and blooming.

Boats pulled up on the banks and ready to stay high and dry for winter.
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  1. Oh, am I envious of your meditation class going on such a beautiful retreat! The Lord willing, the end of this month for me.


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