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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Storage and Magazines.

Years ago,, well maybe the 1980's when I started quilting, I looked for a way to un-clutter magazines, there were no "Pinterests".
Ha!  Good luck, and then we moved to the mountains and when we drew up the plans for the house, an attached two car garage became my studio. What would I do with all this room!

You are probably noticing I am only showing you some shelving, and nothing else in the room.
I confess, I filled the room, there isn't a horizontal surface that does not have something on it.
But back to the shelving.. These are crates turned upright and bolted together and to the wall.

I started using white binders for classes, and magazine articles that I knew I would some day use, and also labeled some binders for Christmas patterns etc. Some I really should pass on because we don't decorate for Christmas any more..

We are not anti Christmas, but one year my husband got the flu, the kids/ grand kids had been up for Thanksgiving and shared their colds with us.. So we did not decorate since no one was going to be coming over. Cough. Sputter.
Can you imagine how nice and relaxed we were on New Years Day..Nothing to do, no guilt about  packing up "stuff".

Well, the next year, no colds, but it rained out side, we were going to put up lights buttttt.
another easy New Years Day.. and now are we lazy?

The grand kids are past their " teens" and in So. Cal. and are busy with their lives, and we are up here in the beautiful mountains.. If they decide to come up at that time of year... they can decorate! In the mean time, I can spend my time quilting and relaxing.

Sorry, got derailed, the binders.. When I need to find a technique or directions for a UFO, that was by a particular teacher, I just have to look up the binder with her name on it.  If I see a current article by that teacher, I add that to the binder.  I found this successful.. don't ask how many of these shelves I have..

My Title the "White Binder Lady"
You know I have more than one shelf!
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  1. Well, I have been to your studio and can point no fingers. As soon as I clear off a horizontal space in my studio, it seems that a new projects mysteriously appears there. I am still trying to figure out how that happens.

  2. Would you come over and organize my files?

  3. I think someone comes in during the night and whirl winds the studio. Picking up everything and putting it on tables. Oh, to have a clear spot! I did not even mention the floor... out of control!


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