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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pac. International Quilt Show

I wanted to make a quick run through of Pac. Int. Quilt Show.. Last year I stopped on my way to a retreat at Bishops Ranch, northern Ca.

This year I asked my hubby to drive me, and well, carry a back pack with my purse etc.
We left at 7:30 Am and arrived about 10:30, due to an accident on the freeway that slowed our arrival time.

We met my friend Jane from So. Calif. and chatted then we were off, planning to meet with her and friends for lunch at 11:30. PS. great buffet in the hotel,,  never knew.. don't tell that secret.

We met and  we found out while chatting, was that we know someone in common in Idaho.
Yeah, Jane and Janet!

Yes, everyone from our time in Orange county has spread out, mostly to more "country" looking areas. I forgot to take photos.. you have probably noticed I don't usually take photos of me or people.

Pacific International is well worth going to.  One of my goals was the Superior Thread exhibit.
And on the way, found some small thimbles, very hard to find. Where is the fabric?  I get overwhelmed with all the fabric, and unless I am working on a special project, fabric is not my direction, the quilts are... Hey, I know not good English.. just a joke!

As always the quilts are spectacular, impressive and this is a fun show  with quilts from many countries. When we got home I saw a tour video with Alex Anderson.She visits the  Superior Thread Company, focus was glow in the dark thread... I knew I should have bought some!  Now I can think of places to use it!  If you have not seen the video on how they make the bobbins...better find it on the net.. Very interesting!

Coming back to life.. too many ideas floating around in my head, and really need to be in the yard!
Make hay while the sun shines!
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