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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hand painted book marks

The other day I saw some delightful luggage tag blanks at the craft store.

I was in the mood to "play" with paints, gesso, and stamps.
 Loved the process and had great fun.
The yarn ties are from my llamas, Misty and Patches

These are at Timberline Gallery in the gift card section. Did you know there is a great gift card area towards the back of the gallery? Hand painted cards, prints etc.

Don't forget the holidays are coming soon.

It seems, I am still trying to get going after Sierra Art Trails. We had such fun.

I have not done much around the house while focused on new items. And sunsets like this are distracting me now.  But soon after getting the sweet pea and green pea seeds planted, I will get back to the studio.  Last year I did not plant in time and missed munching in the yard.

 Everything seems a bit overwhelming right now so much to do with winter on the way.
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1 comment:

  1. Your luggage tags are exquisite!

    I would have a hard time getting focused with those beautiful sunsets, too. Unfortunately, I do not have those to blame for my scattered thoughts.


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